December 1, 2011

With Or Without You

I actually have a story for you, you might not have heard of... they do still exist. Looking at the chapter vs review ratio I did not have high hopes for this story. Color me surprised and happy when it's actually a good story.
It moves really fast, which some may have a problem with, but to me it's still a good read.

Bella has no verbal/social filter, so you just now I identify with her. Edward is cool guy, the fedora is a thing we've never seen before. ;) The mystery surrounding him gets known pretty fast, you might even figure it out yourself. I did.

Edward is a sexy bartender with a secret that makes him run at the first sign of trouble. Bella has a sarcastically smart mouth that both infuriates and intrigues him. *2011 Summertime Avant Garde Award Winner for Best Realistic Lemon!*

Hope the author doesn't mind I took it upon myself to make a banner. :/
Peace Out!


  1. LOVE this banner! The coloring is amazing :)

  2. The banner is amazing and so much better than the one I tried to make for it! Thank you so much for the pimp! You rock!


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