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*waves* Welcome to The Wayward Pushers blog. We post Twilight fanfiction recommendations, among other things. We love all kinds of fic and want you to know about our favorite stories! If you know of a great fic, write a guest review for us. You can also submit a story link for consideration here.

We also have a new feature called Banner Boner. Sometimes there is a piece of fan art out there that inspires you to read the associated story. That's when we have a Banner Boner. If you know of a good candidate, you can submit that here: Give us a Banner Boner!

If you are an author, we have Tweet My Updates available. Every time you post a new chapter, we will tweet out the update from our Twitter account. Just fill out this form and you will be signed up.

Side Projects
  • Twibrary: A Twilight fanfiction database. Looking for a specific kind of fic? Twibrary has categories like CEOward, Actorward, Slash, and more!
  • Twilight Manips: A resource for banner makers. We are collecting a host of twilight manipulations for everyone to use and enjoy.
  • Completed Fics: A new completed fic is posted every day at noon EST (hopefully).


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