May 26, 2012

Practice to Deceive

You know when you're reading one of those WIP and you get an update and just drop everything to read. You know when you get the email on the train and you sit there sniffling and people look at you like you're nuts cause you just had to read it right now fics?
 Yea this one is that...

I saw her today. I wasn't impressed. But he wanted her, and that was enough for me. He would feel what I felt. She was just collateral damage. AH ExB
It's soon complete... so if you only read completed you will soon have the chance

May 23, 2012

Hello Everybuddy!

Posting this because I could use your help.

We're in need of staff! Pushers, tweeters and google docs organizers. Are you maybe interested in helping us out?

Or do you maybe have another skill, or some ideas? Please don't hesitate to leave a comment, or poke me on twitter (@TwistedIn_). Anything and all would be appreciated!

Also, I will be trying to get some time to read a few fics on the push list, so hopefully I can get some recs together in a lil while for you all.

See ya!

May 2, 2012

Apologize, and staffing issues

The entire fandom is going through many changes, some are leaving all together, others just don't have the same time.
Our beloved waywardgirl is one of them, school is taking more and more of her time and she can just not keep up anymore. She has decided to take a break. We have also lost many others of our team in the last year.
So we have made a decision, due to low staffing we are going to be focusing on pushes for now. By tomorrow the tweet our updates will no longer be happening. We might get back to that further down the road, but as for now, we sincerely apologize for not being able to do that for you anymore.

We truly hope you'll stick with us while the changes occur, and we thank you for all for hanging out with us so far!

And don't forget to say thank you to waywardgirl for all her efforts, from building this blog from the ground up. She is The Wayward Pushers... like literally, it's named after her.
We will miss you!

April 28, 2012

Banner Boner for In Love and War by @vRSoup

Banner Boner (noun): A feeling of awe when both story and banner for said story are beautifully crafted.

The Banner

I initially discovered the banner for In Love and War after an affiliate request from The LUV'NV. What a gorgeous site I thought. So different and the graphics were stunning. I nosed around a bit and then checked out the admins. That is where I came across Raindrop Soup. Jumping to her site, I was even more amazed by the graphics.

And that is when I spotted the banner.

I am an Edward girl. I very rarely stray from canon, but the banner mesmerized me. The coloring, the choice of pics. The red in Caius's eyes. It was as though he was looking at me. The banner led me to the story. A truly amazing story.

The banner completely encompasses the story. The depth of the color and design just envelops you, draws you in. Stunning.

Review by credoroza.

The Story

History is what defines us, personal and otherwise. To conquer it, one must decide not what they love more, but what's more important, and where one stood—with ALL things considered—could make all the difference.

Suited up. Armor polished, gazing out at those who *gather pitchforks, saws, and flame throwers*

Yes, I have strayed from my beloved Edward. I have gone to all new heights of OCC. Rumors are true, I can not deny it. I have fallen for a Caius / Bella story. *gasps* A self proclaimed canon girl accepting Bella with someone other than Edward?

And with Caius? *breaths in paper bag* How did this happen?

Well, you see, what had happened was...I stumbled across the gorgeous banner for In Love and War and was curious. I then started following the author, RaindropSoup and her stunning blog. And you know me, the stalking commenced.

I just needed to know things about the story that had me completely fascinated. RaindropSoup was kind enough to entertain my curiosity and was even willing to answer my questions about what led her to writing this brilliant story. Yes, the story line is brilliant.

In all seriousness, In Love and War is just one of those stories where the story line completely grabs you, regardless of the pairing. And though the pairing is completely surprising, it is the story on a whole that has me.

We begin one year after New Moon and Bella this time has emerged as a much stronger person and embraces her future. A definite departure from the typical New Moon stories. But fate has other plans for Bella and she is thrown back in to the world of the supernatural head first.

We have Victoria, Jacob and the wolf pack, the Volturi, and the spirit warrior, Taha Aki. The author also enlightens us on her take of the Quileute legend and it is completely original and excitingly fraught with realism.

The story jumps right in with Bella kidnapped by Victoria and Jacob trying to save her. We are then brought in to the world of the Volturi and their higher purpose for Bella as well as why they are in Forks. I completely devoured chapters 1 and 2 with the surprising twists and turns as well as heart stopping excitement...

Oh, shit. I gaped at him and then phased back along with the others, except for Paul.

No one but the most trusted in the tribe knew the third wife's name. When Taha Aki left the tribe, he left that name to the tribe elders, along with specific instructions to use it as a safe word only. It was supposed to be used between the pack and someone we didn't really know. It was so we would know who we could trust. The name Akane was only said aloud during a couple ceremonies—not even uttered when the legends were told—and only the council elders were able to give it to someone to use.

We saw no need for it, really. But why give it to a bloodsucker?

The introduction of Caius was a complete surprise as well as his purpose. I was even more surprised at Caius' realization that Bella is his mate, something he never wanted. There is a deep feeling of sadness that comes from him and his initial refusal to believe what he feels and knows is true...

And as I gazed at her, I realized it was probably more than that. I felt the beginnings of a pull, and my priorities began to shift. That meant only one thing . . .

. . . mate.

I experienced immense jealousy while Jacob talked to her. I smashed my lips together and swallowed my growl when they uttered their affection towards one another.

Goddamn it, fate is a malicious and fickle whore, I thought. I. Do. NOT. Want. A. Fucking. Mate.

The first few chapters have some very dark content of abuse at the hands of Victoria and the atrocities Bella suffers. However, before you jump to any conclusions, RaindropSoup does a phenomenal job of alluding to the abuse without actually being graphic or even describing in any detail. But you definitely understand what Bella suffered. And you suffer with her. The writing of the darker chapters is heart felt and the emotions overwhelming. And as dark as they are, they are completely in proportion with the story line and add a necessary understanding to all the pieces of the story. And there are many. There is a cornucopia of characterizations and history going on, but again, written in way where you are not lost, the story completely flows.

The introduction of Taha Aki and the Volturi connection is a key point to the story. There is a lot of history there. I love it. Being brought in to their worlds with such a different understanding than you are used to is somewhat, dare I say, empathetic. You will view the Volturi in a completely different light. They are definitely not shiny and bright, not even close, but they are definitely different than what we are all used to reading about them.

And Bella. She goes through some serious trauma culminating in a turning. And she is not happy about it at all. She is down right pissed off! And it shows spectacularly in the writing...

Isabella's eyes snapped open.

She was off the bed in a second, immediately cloaking herself.

Before any of us could finish our gasps of surprise and awe, I was knocked back with so much force that she and I went through the door, into the hallway, before hitting the stone floor . . .

. . . and dropping four stories below.

Oh, fuck.

And let's not forget about the Cullens. They are a definitely part of the story. As is Edward. I am going to leave you with that, you'll have to read the story to see how they are involved. I know, evil of me.

In Love and War is well rounded and beautifully written. RaindropSoup pours her heart and soul in to every word, and it shows in her story line. A story line completely unique and filled to the brim with excitement, heart ache, despair, trauma, surprises, and dare I say it, love.

You will be hooked on the originality and the characterizations. A brilliant story. And....*whispering*... rooting for Caius...

And a special thanks to RaindropSoup for not doing the typical *bashing* of my beloved Edward as so many do in order to incorporate the OCC pairing.

This is a writer who can definitely weave a story without the usual cliche.

Review by credoroza.

Do you have a Banner Boner? Write up your own post and submit it here.

April 25, 2012

Heat by @ArcadianMaggie

Leah went from a young woman in love to the only female in a pack of mind-reading shape shifters, led by the Alpha Sam, her ex. Rated M. Contains mature content. See multiple warnings inside.

So, there's this one-shot... and it's intense and painful, it's as I described- "Beautifully fucked up." Really.

I was in a writing challenge, working on The Adventures of Peeperward and Stripperella, and ArcadiaMaggie started to tell us about what she was working on. She even posted a lil' snippet involving bathroom sex... it was HOOOOOOT! Wow. Nothing like angry, slam bodies around, wall humping, no? I'm no shipper of anything with Paul in it usually, but this scene had me panting.

Then I read ArciadianMaggie's warning: "AN: Please read WARNINGS - contains graphic content and possible triggers. I originally outlined this story for the Beyond the Pale contest (http:/www .fanfiction .net/u/2431148/BeyondThePale), which called for "stories inspired by images that imply secret desires,habits, and happenings. Fetish and deviance. The forbidden. Thesocially UNacceptable. What goes on behind closed doors only. What pushes beyond the pale. The otherwise untouchable. Thetaboo." Because I was in the middle of my multi-chapter and realized I worked best only writing one piece at a time, I set it aside. This story skirts lines, and some might say crosses lines, oft advertised in other contests: "No entries containing rape, bestiality, pedophilia, incest, or non-consensual sex will be accepted into the contest."

Please close the browser if you are under 18, or if you are uncomfortable with the statement above."

And thought.... "Ooooh... maybe not."

Then I read a review, one of the first saying that she took such a hard topic with all these taboos and grey areas and did an amazing, truthful job, so again, my interest was piqued! I am one curious kitty... so you know that was the wrong thing for me to see cos I wanted to read it again!

Then I saw her summary: Leah went from a young woman in love to the only female in a pack of mind-reading shape shifters, led by the Alpha Sam, her ex. Rated M. Contains mature content.

And thought, well, this could go really well and be a lil' angsty with a cool turn... OR it could go REALLY badly and I will be left heart broken!

Well, my friends, it was both. It was angsty, it had a cool turn (and some WTF?! turns), and there was a part that turned VERY badly that made my heart crack open, then another, then another, and another! All the while, Maggie is intermingling these incredible lemons that have you sweating citrus and this internal dialogue from Seth and Leah that just tears out your heart, rubs it in the dirt, then rinses it off and hands it back to you with Hello Kitty band-aids on it!

I don't want to ruin the story with too many details, but that summary and her warnings are right on. This story is NOT for the lighthearted or wusspervs. It is, however, incredibly pressing and intense... it pushes boundaries, yet even though I was uncomfortable and creeped out at some parts, it all made COMPLETE and TOTAL sense. I'm not kidding... if you read with an open mind, keeping in mind that they are wolves... it is achingly, painfully perfect! No, really!

Some of the most amazing parts are Leah's internal dialogue... so well written and emotional. And Seth! Oh, god! Seth. I need to know more of Seth. And the scene between Quil and Seth was in one word- WOW!

Truly, this was an incredible, mind-blowing journey all in about 10,000 words. In the end, I was left wanting more and I had so many questions. She said that she's thinking of continuing it in some way and I truly, truly hope she does.

Maggie, if you are reading this, doubtful, but whatever- Please write more. I need to know what happens to Seth!!! And Leah's journey was crazy and passionate and so much more than I thought it would be, but it's not done! Thank you for putting this out there and being so brave!

I hope you'll give this incredible story a chance. Remember, open mind! Let me know what you think. And if you go read, let her know I sent you.

<3 Rain
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