November 26, 2011

Anti Social Behavioral Order by @SoapyMayhem

A group of juvenile delinquents are sentenced to spend their summer doing community service. When a freak lighting storm gives them super powers they are forced to stick together, no matter how much they hate each other. Misfits Inspired/Drabble E/B POV's

I'm always looking for new fic's with non-vamp supernatural themes, like witches, ghosts, gods, aliens, and monsters, and SoapyMayhem doesn't disappoint with this story. ASBO combines teenage angst a la Breakfast Club with fun super hero powers in the vein of shows like Heroes. The characters are diverse and edgy and you can tell that among all the action and excitement there will be plenty of romance and character growth which is essential. Having read Soapy's other fics I am sure there will be tons of juicy lemons as well.

The premise of the story is based on the BBC series Misfits, but you don't have to be a fan of the show to enjoy this story since aside from the basic premise, Soapy has gone in a different direction with the plot so far.

I am totally in love with this story and even more so since she is posting it as a Drabble style fic with 600-1500 word daily updates. So definitely check this story out! You won't be sorry!

Review by @LaBellaLolita69

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