November 19, 2011

Original Sin by @BookwormBaby25

What makes a man irredeemable? USC student Bella Swan finds herself asking that question when she gets involved with the sexy, yet tight-lipped Dr. Carlisle Cullen, a man living in a self-imposed purgatory for the undisclosed crimes of his past.

Pairing: Carlisle/Bella
Status: Complete
Genre: AH, Non-Canon, Age Gap

Have you ever had one of the stories that really stands out to you? One that makes your chest hurt a little bit as you fly through each chapter? That is exactly what Original Sin has done to me. Bella meets Carlisle in the school library and eventually they start a relationship...only they both know that it won't be going anywhere. Carlisle is adamant about not settling down and Bella accepts first. As the pair continue to date, she can't help but fall in love with Carlisle. What happens when the secrets of his past come to light? You won't believe's not often when a fic surprises me, but this one definitely caught me off guard. It's an angsty read, but I have hopes that it will be a HEA. If you love some Carlisle and a younger woman/older man plot, you should give Original Sin a try. It's well written and will keep you on your toes! Not to mention this Carlisle is hot as hell :)

That's all today, I'm going to go refresh my inbox and see if there is an update from BookwormBaby...

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