November 5, 2011

TPOTW (10/30 - 11/6) ft. @DTSGuru knicnort3 and A.S. Rainwater!

Wayward Girl here! I am back from my mini-break to bring you MOAR FICS!! I really can't stop reading fanfic, it's an obsession really.

At least you get to reap the benefits :)

Edward and Ben grew up closer than best friends, but Ben was really Bella, forced to pose as a boy by her insane mother. Separated as teens, years later they reconnect, how will Edward react when he learns the truth?

Pairing: Edward/Bella
Status: Complete
Genre: Pretends to be a boy, Richward

I first read the summary of this story and was like: O_o...that's...different. I decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did. The story doesn't really focus on Bella's time dressed as a boy, it's more about her and Edward reuniting several years later. Lies of the Soul is well-written, complete and definitely not something you have ever read before!

Sometimes the wolf chooses an imprint that surprises everyone. The pairing seems completely wrong on the surface. But as the two strive to make their relationship work, will they find the wolf knew what he was doing after all?

Pairing: Paul/Bella
Status: WIP
Genre: New Moon AU, Wolfpack fic, Non-Canon's another Paul/Bella story. I can't stay away! The Paul in this story is the overbearing ass we all know and love to hate. I am thoroughly enjoying Hammer and a Nail, there are eight chapters up right now and things will be heating up soon!

Bella has moved to the city to get away from Forks. She takes a gig giving guitar lessons on weekends for extra cash, in result meeting someone who might get her to change her loner ways...

Pairing: Alice/Bella
Status: WIP
Genre: Femslash, Non-Canon

I was so happy to find this little gem. Good femslash is hard to come by and this one impressed me a lot. Bella is kind of a tomboy, Alice is a girly-girl and somehow they fit perfectly. What cracked me up was the author's description of Edward:

One of the two bartenders was a pasty skinned guy with crazy hair that looked like he had just stood in front of a shop fan on super high, then just slathered gel through it, and thought it looked hot. I thought that it would come in handy if the roof fell in; he would have plenty of protection with his stupid hair-don't. He slid up to me and gave a crooked grin that I am sure he thought was as sexy as his hair, and I puked a little in my mouth.
"What can I do for you, sweetheart?" he asked in a voice I'm sure he also thought sounded like velvet, only it sounded as gross and scratchy as the five o' clock shadow on his chin.
"Two shots of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, if you've got it, and a bottle of Heineken." He raised his bushy eyebrows at me, and I almost asked him if wanted me to shoot around the corner to the drugstore and pick him up a pair of tweezers, but he flipped around to fill my order. Good boy. I'll call you Jimmy Neutron.
Now all I can picture is this:

Those are my recs for this week, I hope you found something new to read!

Until next time...

P.S. Be sure to leave these authors some love and let them know we sent ya *winks*

One last thing...did anyone else know that The Vampire in the Basement is now complete?! I did a little happy dance when I saw that. This was one of the first fics I ever read and I was so disappointed when the author stopped updating. Apparently she returned at some point and finished! So if you haven't checked out The Vampire in the Basement, go do it! It is one of the most original plots I have ever read and you will fall in love with michellephants's Vampward.

Okay really....I'm going now....happy reading!


  1. I saw the top pic of this last night a just automatically thought:
    How bold! have this pic up. Not only does the 'chick' have great taste in rock bands. "the friggin Stones, the friggin Stones...[i have one of there songs as my ringtone ATM- Painted Black, if you were curious...Tell me would that have ever been an XL Tee shirt which may or may not have another purpose to what you are doing with it in the pic.....;) Justsaying and teasing too.....
    She's drinking tea in a spiffy type cup. Like the cup too BTW..
    But the cutex [nail pol] and the wrist bands and the jewelry said all it needed to in the way of confirmation. Wayward confirmation that is.......

  2. I havent read these chapters. But intend to when I have a chance.....

  3. Haha that top picture isn't me, sorry to burst your bubble :( I do love the Stones though, if that makes you feel better. I hope you still like the stories though....lolol I feel so bad now. Maybe I should change that graphic to a pic of does sort of look like me...minus all the bracelets, I'm more of a watch kinda gal.

  4. I am A.S. Rainwater... I am absolutely flattered that I found this review of La Lune Bleu. I had NO idea that it made the kind of impact that people would blog about it.

    I am in shock, I think.

    Why do people never tell me these things? lol


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