November 2, 2011

The Freaks and the Greeks by ThroughDeepBlueVelvetSkies

The Freaks and the Greeks  by ThroughDeepBlueVelvetSkies
Summary: Volatile Bella Swan is thrown straight into a high school warzone;
with vicious ice queens, strangely philosophical stoners, backstabbing giants
and a hyperactive emotional neighbour - not to mention the stunning brother who
seems to really hate her. AH B x E

This fic has all sorts of drama all rolled into one, but not so much so that you can’t follow along. Bella is a troubled girl who comes to live with her father, whom she has next to know relationship to, and what she does have is far from healthy. She meets some great friends, kinda a first for her – but learns quickly that what goes down in this small town is a lot more messed up and serious than she ever could have imagined. I love the quirkiness to this fic, Bella is feisty and helluva fun to read. Edward is a brooding sex goddess, as usual…lol…but my favorite character in this fic has got to be Rose. So not the type of character we are used to seeing her as, which makes it a great read just for that alone. And of course, Emmett in this is all sorts of teddy bear-ish, and I just love him.

“I waited patiently by the front bench, watching the man before me in disgust as he devoured a foot long sub far too quickly. His rubbery, dark skin looked like it had seen far too much
artificial sun and his eyes were a little sunken back into his head. What surprised me was the long, thick black hair that was tied in a small knot at the base of his neck, shiny and in perfect condition.

"Excuse me, professor Aro?" I asked, trying not to focus on the clump of coleslaw sticking to the side of his mouth.

"Oh, pretty girl, Home economics is right down the hall."

"I'm sure it is. But, I'm definitely in the right class." He looked up at me with squinted eyes.

"We don't really need any dead weight holding us back, I'm sure if you talked to the principle, he could change your class around just like that." He snapped his fingers. "Wha'dya say,
sweetie? Home Ec? Poetry? Sewing?" If was expecting a whimper, he was disappointed.

"I'm Isabella Swan, Chief Swan's daughter. So how about this," I snapped, my anger flaring. I leant down across the table, slapping my hand down in front of him, "You cut out the sexist bull crap right this second, or I'll get you fired faster than you can comb back that delightful hair of yours. Wha'dya say?" His reaction, to be honest, was expected. He was a big guy, and obviously not used to getting talked down to, never mind by a girl. He stood up so fast that his chair flew back and smashed off of the wall. I didn't flinch.

"How dare you! Why, I'm gonna..." But he didn't get to finish his threat, because before he knew it a huge body was smothering my own, nudging me back into someone's hard chest. Two arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me back a little, cradling me in a wall of
spectacularly smelling boy.

"You're gonna what, sir? Start the lesson already? I know I'm excited to whack out that there Hegner jigsaw, aren't you Old English?"

"Oh, I'm pumped." Edward's chest vibrated behind me, I lay flat against him, not breathing. I turned my head and found myself in line with his chiselled jaw. I couldn't help but look up, where his eyes connected with mine, his skin millimetres from mine. I snapped my head to look forward to diffuse the awkward moment.

"Right." Mr Aro breathed, trying to peer around the smiling hulk that was Emmett and failing.

"Get in your groups. As you're both so helpful today, you can take the chick." Emmett's smile didn't falter; in fact, I'm pretty sure he winked at the obviously furious teacher before strutting across the classroom and passed the rest of the gawping assembly of teenage boys.

Like I said, feisty Bella. Give this fic a try. It currently sits at less than a hundred reviews with it being 12 chapters into the fic. Be sure to review and let her know The Wayward Pushers sent you.

Happy Reading!!


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  3. That's my fault, I haven't updated it in awhile *runs and hides*

  4. Nooo mine was just a what I've read lately, not a proper push anyway... I think this is totally ok.


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