October 22, 2011

TPOTW (10/14 - 10/21) feat. Mrstrentreznor and Soft Ragoo

School has been crazy for me this week, but I managed to find two new fics that I've really enjoyed!

What if Sam's wolf didn't like Emily? What if the wolf had attacked her in an attempt to make her go away? What if an imprint abused the imprint bonds? What if the man was forced to go along with it all?

Pairing: Sam/Bella
Status: WIP (almost complete)
Genre: Non-Canon, Wolfpack fic, New Moon AU

 Gah....this story. It is unlike any wolfpack fic I have read and man did it drain me emotionally. Bella and Sam are so totally heartbroken. Bella has been abandoned by Edward and Sam is stuck bound to a woman he does not love, a woman he is forced to love through imprinting. They both want to be together but there are many obstacles in the way. Hurt is almost complete and the author posts a new chapter every day!

When Bella accepts a home-care provider position, she has no idea that the impossible son, Edward, will have such an impact on her. Will she find herself completely wrapped up in his complicated world, or will she learn to hate him?

Pairing: Edward/Bella
Status: Complete
Genre: Actorward

This fic put me through a roller coaster as well. Bella is hired to help Esme get back on her feet. Edward is the aloof son who comes and goes. Bella doesn't know what to make of her employer, but soon enough she can't get enough of him. Too bad he has a few skeletons in his closet that he doesn't seem eager to share. At times, you'll be really freaking pissed at Edward....at Esme too. But don't worry, this story is a HEA...eventually :)

By the way, did anyone else check out Masen Days that Lea pushed in her last post? *dies* You must read, it reminds me one of my favorite fics, Boy in the Red Sweater. Added bonus: Masen Days has Skaterward!

Until next time....

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