October 20, 2011

It's Always The Quiet Ones by @RoslynGrey

Confessions of a sex-obsessed, small town girl, just looking to find herself in a world where curvy brunettes don't belong, and masturbation is frowned upon. 

This is a nice quick drabble read. Cute, quirky, funny as heck at times, and just getting to the good stuff. Bella is a hilariously horny girl who spends all of her time with her two best friends, the preacher’s daughter and a fresh out of the closet Jacob. Love it!

That trio alone is rather epic. When she’s not with her friends, she spends her time getting to know her womanhood, and fantasizing about who could be there with her :-P Bella has had thigh-clenching thoughts of Edward Cullen for as long as she can remember and is just learning now that he might not be everything she has pegged him to be....
"Your one of a kind Bella. I should be the one thanking you. What your doing, really is something special Bella."He takes a bite of the cookie and gives a moan that has me rethinking this entire situation. Great, and now my panties are ruined. What is it with these Cullen men? Bad Bella."Jesus mother Mary of God." Dr. Sexisle moans out. I think I just gave Carlisle a foodgasm. Score!
And, as far as I know, ‘It’s Always the Quiet Ones’ delivers to you the birth of Sexisle- Sigh, groan,swoon~~ Oh how that name suits that boi. The chapters are about 700 words each and update rather frequently. This hidden gem sits at chapter 31with but a mere 300 reviews. So make sure to let her know The Wayward Pushers sent you, and leave her some love.

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