October 1, 2011

So much funny.

Have a little ditty here for you, I usually don't push something this early into a story, it only has 6 chapters. But the latest chapter just showed up in my inbox, and I have to share.

SAP has a funnier than, what ever is really funny, Bella. And Edward, dude, he's such a clumsy, awkward hottie in this... it's just so much love. The rest of the cast is all there, weird and eccentric like you know you love them to be. Give it a read... only 6 chapters so far, you know you're gonna put it on alert. ;)
After a fight in school lands Bella in a summer camp for "Youths with Emotional and Mental Instabilities," she is forced to face her demons while trying not to fall in love with the beautiful, but clumsy, mentor Edward. Hilarity ensues. AU/AH

The author is also on twitter as @stillpink

Lots of Love, Lea

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