October 4, 2011

The Singer and The Sorrow by MG2112

Neither can survive without the other. They have to be together or they will both perish.

Bella Swan is a graduate student working on her master’s thesis when she finds herself drawn into a world of dreams, the like of which she has never before experienced. A mysterious, passionate man is seducing her in a dream state. Who is he? And more importantly, where can she find him?

Edward Cullen is an incredibly beautiful man… and an immortal vampire. The smell of human blood sings to him making it nearly impossible to be around anyone, save his own kind.

I LOVE this story. It has mystery, suspense, and a wicked plot that keep you on the edge of your seat. The author has a great way of drawing you into the story and leaves you desperately wanting more. I loved the way that Edward was portrayed at the beginning of the story:


Carlisle, the Cullen family patriarch, slowly walked down the stairs into the dark basement, deep beneath the home's enormous garage. Though he could be silent in his movement, he purposefully made heavy footfalls as he went deeper into the cavernous underground room. He didn't want to startle his son.

"Edward? It's been such a long time since we have heard anything from you. Esme and I thought I should just check on you…. Edward?"

He stepped closer to the dimly lit corner where he saw the curled up ball that was his son, but this creature looked nothing like his beloved son. He set down the large bucket of rats and other larger rodents, and moved to pick up the "empty" bucket containing the carcasses of the drained animals. Edward sat on the floor, his face pressed into the corner. His hair was matted and dirty, his clothes were filthy, and what little of his face was visible showed the remnants of blood from the rodents he drank to survive… barely.

Crouching down to Edward's eye level, Carlisle sighed in quiet desperation. The writing on the wall he had cleaned only a few months ago was back, but this time it seemed as though it was carved into the wall. Filling every inch of space around Edward were the words, "I am nothing."

"Oh, my son, it's started again," Carlisle exhaled and pulled the broken man into his arms, stroking his hair. Edward stayed curled up, his arms hugging his knees, staring into nothingness and rocking back and forth. Words croaked from his white lips.

"Bella. Bella. Bella. Bella.Bella. Bella.Bella. Bella.Bella. Bella.Bella. Bella…

It was amazing to see how both he and Bella came back together again after such a troubled and tragic past. MG2112 carves her story out so well that I found myself living in the mind of this Edward and willing him to be strong so that things would be ok this time round.

The introduction of a 'new' baddy – ‘Requiem' is absolutely mindblowing!!! I love the introduction of original characters into stories - it shows a real gift of imagination and story telling.

Twists and turns are all over this vamp story - So go read it!!!

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