June 25, 2011

WayWords with twilightheaded23, winner of I'm With the Band Contest!

This author spotlight is long overdue. twilightheaded23 was the first place winner in our one-shot contest "I'm With the Band" and was supposed to receive a feature on our blog a long time ago. Better late than never, right? *laughs nervously*

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1) have you always been a writer? If not, what inspired you to take the leap?
I had no idea that I was even interested in writing until I found fanfic. I have always been a huge book nerd, thought about going into publishing etc. but until I started reading and seeing the amazing stories people were coming up with on FFn I had never really considered it.

2) what about this fandom makes it special to write for?
I think there's something to be said for the characters that SM originally created. I understand she's not exactly Mark Twain, but something about her writing and her characters that spoke to millions of us. I think we relate to them or want to relate to them on any number levels, but most importantly the love she describes I think is something everyone craves. Something all consuming and worth dying for... I don't care how cynical you are, everyone has a part of themselves that hopes for that.

3) Do you have a favorite fic author and why? How do they inspire you or encourage?
I have so many favorite authors I hardly know where to begin, but I will say there are a few out there who have a gift with words. Spanglemaker9's writing is absolutely beautiful. She gives depth and insight to her characters without being overly verbose which I think is something even published authors struggle with. Masenvixen's "Stranger Than Fiction" is one of my absolute favorite stories out there. They understood SM's canon in ways I don't even think she herself could imagine and it is an incredible story about growth for Bella and Edward.

4) have you taken any writers under your wing to help them along?
Hah! I'm still learning so much myself, I don't know how much help I would be.

5) What is your personal favorite of all of your fics and why?
I think my favorite is "What Should Have Been" which is a o/s that I wrote for the obsession contest a while back. We were given songs to choose from for our inspiration and the lyrics spoke to me. I heard the dialogue running in my head for days before I could finally write it down. Jasper and Bella's scene, especially his monologue, is my favorite part.

6) What is your next project you have in the works?
I have femme story totally outlined that I'm dying to get started on, but my other story "Masquerade" needs finishing first. I will say I'm extremely excited about writing some femme slash though, I don't think I've read anything like it yet so I'm interested in what the reaction might be.

7) What real life writer has always been a favorite of yours and do they influence your writing?
John Grisham and James Patterson have always been favorites of mine. I love me some serial killers/lawyer drama. I don't think I could ever write something like that, but their attention to detail has always been something I enjoyed. I like it when a writer really puts me in the scene.

8) What is your favorite genre to read and write?
To read: mystery/fantasy. To write: something between romance and humor.

9) Have you won any awards for your writing?
Does and FFn contest count :)

Fun questions:

1) Twilight movies or Twilight books?
Books! Though... Jackson Rathbone kind of owns me in Eclipse.

2) Crunchy or smooth peanut butter or Nutella?
Crunchy peanut butter.

3) Favorite night for television?
This is hard! I'm a bit of a tv junkie... it's a tie between Tuesdays (Glee) and Thursdays (Vampire Diaries/Grey's Anatomy)

4) Do you prefer music to television or vice versa?
Totally depends on my mood. Music puts me in a different mindset. Television takes me out of my mind.

5) Favorite awards show: 1) People's Choice 2) Golden Globes 3) Oscars 4) Emmys or 5) Grammys?
Normally I'd say Golden Globes all the way! But after the Mumford/Avett/Dylan performance at the Grammys it is a bit of a toss up.

6) Least favorite color?

7) Rain or snow?
Rain. I love the way it smells...

Stay tuned for another post all about twilightheaded23's wonderful stories! In the mean time, check them out here.

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