June 26, 2011

Twitter's Top Picks of the Week (6/19 - 6/26)

I didn't get a chance to read a lot this week, but I've got one story for you and some recs from Twitter as well!

My rec for the week:
It's been five years since Edward left Bella in the forest. She has almost recovered fully from that night, but when someone re-enters her life unexpectedly, will memories come flooding back causing pain or help her move on once and for all?

The Twitter Recs: 


Don't You Forget About Me by 107yearoldvirgin
Figuring out "Why am I here?" is hard enough on its own. Six strangers with nothing in common, except each other... and a mental hospital, have been given eight hours to figure it all out. This is the chance of their lives. 

In 1870, Bella Swan arrives in Virginia City, Nevada, as the new school teacher. She meets Sheriff Edward Cullen as soon as she falls off the stagecoach. Will events draw them together or drive them apart?

Bella's dying to break into the music biz, but is thwarted at every turn. When boy band 5Point holds open auditions, it could be her big chance. Of course, first she has to convince them she's a boy… AND hide her huge crush on the dreamy lead singer.

Four Weeks by Elvirina
Follow the journey of a destined love between a FEMALE Jasper and Alice, who were brought together by fate, and bonded by a Raw, Intense and an unfiltered connection towards one another. Femme slash.

In The Mirror by LyricalKris
When nobody saved you from a traumatic childhood, when things changed simply because you grew up, how do you face adulthood unprepared and slightly bent?

En Pointe by GingerWombatkat
For Beyond the Pale: The treaty left Bella his slave, but serving a vampire who demands perfection is a challenge.

Looks like a wide range of fics to check out! Hope you find something new to read, until next week....

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