June 19, 2011

My Top Picks of the Week (6/12 - 6/19) with @jojo_9030 @LaVitaNuova_fic & @SunshineGal3

I've got some juicy fics for you this week. Check these stories out and make sure to leave the authors some love (and tell them we sent you *winks*).

Bella, looking for meaning and a new start to her life after tragedy and hurt, visits Alice and Jasper's ranch where she meets Alice's brother Edward. Sparks fly, but neither are looking for love.

"Walking towards it, with his back to us, swinging a lasso, was a tall, shirtless man. I was riveted to his body and the ripple of muscles across his back as he worked the rope. He had on a large, off-white cowboy hat, low-slung jeans, and a pair of leather cowboy boots. He was trim and fit and tanned from the sun. His body- at least his back and amazing firm ass- was sex personified."

And that's how we meet Cowboyward....can I get an UNF? This fic is just starting up, three chapters posted so far and I'm already sucked into the story. Both the characters are dealing with recent tragedies but can't resist the spark they feel. Hopefully there will be more good things to come from this fic!

When Sam Uley disappears, darkness begins to creep into the small town of Forks, trapping Bella under the watchful eyes of a father. But Charlie isn't the only one watching... An imprint is for life... at least that's what they said.

"No one stopped to stare anymore as her truck back-fired; no one paid her any mind at all. Like the leaves that had fallen to cover the land, or the rain which until recently had perpetually tumbled from the sky, Bella simply blended into the background. Sometimes the way her peers casually dismissed her existence hurt in a way she couldn't explain, but today wasn't one of those days either."

Another wonderful Bella/Paul story from the same author who wrote In Omne Tempus. Bella never befriended the Cullens and they left soon after she arrived only to return again. A girl from the La Push reservation has gone missing and Charlie is in overprotective dad mode, not letting Bella see her good friend Embry down on the rez. What happens when she meets Paul again....and what happened to Emily Young?

This fic has 14 chapter up as of now, all you wolf lovers have got to check it out! And even if you're not into the canine variety, give this one a chance. La Vita Nuova is an excellent writer and always keeps me on my toes!

Don't judge a book by its cover. Jasper, a convicted felon, only wants a second chance. Bella just wants someone that understands her. A chance meeting will change their lives forever.

"Seven hundred and twenty-eight days. That's how many days it had been since I'd seen my family. Well, I don't even know that you could call them my family anymore. My children and ex-wife were the main reason I was stuck here in the first place."

Criminalsper anyone? Jasper Whitlock has spent two years in prison for dealing prescription drugs. Now he's finally out and he goes to live with his sister, Rosalie, and her husband in Forks. After having a hard time looking for a job, he visits the library and meets Bella Swan.

Money problems, crazy ex-boyfriends and creepy co-workers are just some of the things this pair has to deal with. This story is a quick read and it has Daddysper! How can you resist?

That's all I have for you this week, we got some good non-canon stories in here! Yay! Until next week, happy reading :)

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