June 13, 2011

June Readalong

Rating: M
Author: MsEm
Summary:  His wife's journal. He shouldn't read it, but he can't help himself. My entries I entered into the Quickie Contest, EXTENDED.

Join us on Twitter for the readalong of this incredible story.  Have you ever read something that totally grips you and pulls you in...you can't stop reading and you need the next chapter immediately?  That's how I felt reading this story.

MsEm weaves a story of an Edward and Bella who have been married for 20 + years, who have grown apart, but until Edward accidentally finds Bella's journal and reads it, he never really knew how his past actions had affected her.  This is a story of forgiveness and remembering why you loved that person to begin with.  Learning to find that love that you once had and not giving up on something or someone you can't live without. 

Both Edward and Bella have made mistakes in their years together, but it's how you forgive and move on that defines what you have to begin with. 

This story is 15 chapters in and I promise you will love it just as much as I do!

Join me on Thursday, June 16th at 8CST/9EST and remember to hashtag #readalong!

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