June 5, 2011

My Top Picks of the Week (5/29 - 6/5)

Another week's gone by and I've got a couple fics I'm loving at the moment...let's check them out, shall we?

Music fans think rock diva Bella Swan is brilliant, talented and a gift to humankind. People who actually know her find her a menace to society, and a pain in the backside. Edward Cullen comes on board as tour manager, and who knows what he thinks?

Scruffyward and Snarkella make an appearance in this fic and I love it! Bella has this bad girl rocker vibe and doesn't take shit from anyone, a nice change from canon doormat Bella. 18 chapters are up right now and about 113 reviews, go check this well-written story out and make sure to leave the author some love!

Jasper returns to Forks to apologize but was not prepared for what he found. Now he knows he needs to make it right. But how? What is this true mate thing? Mild cutting,some Domsper and few lemons! Non-canon AU New Moon OOC

This fic is a slow burn. Bella is really damaged from the Cullen's abandonment and she is not quick to get over it. I can't stop reading and can't really explain why, you'll just have to read for yourself! 

I made a post yesterday with a review for Glamour Shots, you can check that out here if you haven't already seen it :) That's it for this week, if you have reading suggestions for me you can leave them in the comments! Until next time...

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