June 4, 2011

Glamour Shots by just robin

 Bella is a shy, lonely Kindergarten teacher who is dreaming of Mr. Right. Edward is a quirky photographer, not exactly a ladies' man. What will happen when Bella is talked into an internet dating site? Awkward meets Disaster, need I say more?

If I could describe this fic in one word it would be....awkward. This E & B are definitely not smooth operators and it makes me love them even more. The duo meet when Alice forces her BFF Bella to take photos that will be posted on her online dating profile. Edward, the photographer, takes an instant liking to her and from there chaos ensues. Seriously, every embarrassing and awkward moment you can think of happens to these two. There's stumbles in the food court, bad hair days, nip slips, lawsuits and people being bailed out of jail. This story had me cracking up and shaking my head at every turn.

A preview of the silliness that is Glamour Shot's Edward and Bella:

"Well, there is no easy way to say this. Bella, I care for you, and your safety is of the utmost importance to me. I…I…" Edward stumbled and began tugging at his hair again.

"Just spit it out, Edward," Bella interrupted, disappointed that his declaration wasn't heading in the direction she'd hoped. Edward wasn't interested in being with someone who didn't take care of herself and was careless with matters of health and well-being. She even got a bit glassy-eyed at the impending rejection.

"I want to be your emergency contact!" Edward said in a hushed and hurried voice.

"Oh, Edward! I want that, too…more than anything!" Bella squeezed Edward tight, fearful that if she loosened her grip, he would change his mind.

Give this fic a try, I guarantee it will be like nothing you've ever read!

Click here to read Glamour Shots.

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