March 21, 2011

The Jukebox Anonymous One Shot Contest 3rd Place Winners

We would like to first thank all of the wonderful authors who took the time to enter our contest. We never imagined it would have such an enormous response.

We must also like to take a moment to thank our judges; Gothic Temptress, Tkegl, Breath-of-Twilight, and Cullen_sistah. You ladies are the very best for judging. This contest would not have gone off so easily without you.

Thank you to all who promoted, voted, and read the entries in this contest. And thank you, Waywardgirl for being kind enough to post this monster on your site.

I, tg10781, would like to add a special thank you to Ange de laube. She has held my hand through this entire process. I'm certain she wanted to ring my neck a few times, but she didn’t complain once! I would not have been able to do this without her. She was also kind enough to make all the graphics for the contest. Without her you guys would be getting banners with stick figures on the front…

A special thank you to the ladies who helped me write the reviews. I thought I would be able to do it on my own – I was sadly mistaken.

Because of the extremely high number of entries we decided to separate the judge and public scores. When we made this decision we did not anticipate that there would be several ties. After much thought we decided that there was no fair way to break the ties. So as you’ll see there are many stories that have tied in both the judge and public vote.

Without further ado… The third place winners of The Jukebox contest:

3rd Place People's Choice: His Word is Good by jadedandboring

Summary: Bella's friends are convinced Edward isn't faithful to her because he's always on the road. What will it take to prove to them he always has been, and always will be, true to Bella?

“A man is only as good as his word.”  A woman wants to trust that the man she loves will live up to his word no matter what obstacles or changes they face in their relationship. Edward has promised to always be there for Bella, and Bella has trusted his word. 

While Bella is in college Edward is in a band that becomes quite popular and he begins to live the rock-star lifestyle; parties, traveling, shows, etc. Bella’s friends encourage her to move on and try to convince her that he can’t possibly be as committed to her as he leads this lifestyle, but still Bella holds on to their love’s strength to keep them together. 

A tragic accident will test Bella and Edward’s commitment to each other and their relationship.  Will they be able to overcome all the odds by trusting in each other’s word?

jadedandboring  has done a great job of helping you feel  the emotion in this story through her gifted words. 


To read the rest of the entries visit our C2.

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3rd Place Judge’s Choice & 3rd Place People's Choice:  Wicked Way by il-bel-mondo 

Summary: When Edward hears the siren's call what lengths will he go to overcome the alluring pull it causes him? Rated M for lemony flavored words.

When the moans of one woman relentlessly torment Edward he is forced to try to ‘sex’ her out of his system.  But when these strangers moans make him fake his own orgasm will he be forced to hand over his ‘Man Card’?  When woman after woman is unable to fulfill his needs or turn him on as much as the sounds floating into his window, what will he do?
Edward finds himself in an unfamiliar bar trying to drink his troubles away.  Just maybe this will be the place he meets the woman that’s able to get past his ‘O’ crippling obsession, or just maybe she is the woman creating the earth shattering sounds.  I guess you’ll have to read to see… 

il-bel-mondo does a wonderful job of injecting a great deal of humor into this tale.  Check it out and leave some love. 
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3rd Place People's Choice: Do you Feel the Same by mizzdee

Summary: Bella spent years picking up the pieces of her best friend's broken heart. After one night that went way too far, Bella is ready to give up the one man she truly loves. But is he ready to let her go?

A good friend is hard to find and even harder to be, especially when you best friend is hot, in a relationship, and doesn’t know you love him. 

We’ve all had secret crushes.  The stomach wrenching pain of wanting to blurt out your love, fearing rejection, watching you crush in a relationship with someone else, all while remaining a true friend, is almost too much to bear. 

Bella finds herself in this predicament with Jasper, constantly being a friend for him as he goes through a tumultuous relationship with this girlfriend.  Will things go too far one night when Jasper spends the night after another fight?  How far will Bella take it?  And will Jasper feel the same?

Mizzdee has woven an emotionally strong story of the ups and downs of love and the plight of loving someone as more than just the friend they are. 


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3rd Place Judge’s Choice & 2nd Place People's Choice:  All Of Me by elusivetwilight

Summary'These wounds won't seem to heal. This pain is just too real. There's just too much that time cannot erase.' Does Bella still have all of Edward? AUAH, Angst/Hurt/Comfort

Goodness, I will never forget my initial reaction after completing this story for the first time, my mouth opened in shock and goosebumps forming on my skin. The shock factor, and the build up to it, was perfectly done.

From the very beginning, the sad tone of Bella's feelings and thoughts are palpable. The readers are given the distinct impression of her despair, and then we are shown Edward's reactions, his desperate sobs taking over and reacts, and then emotionally pulls back. As the story progresses, so do the range of emotions, until the reader realizes the twist at the end. It was so well done! I had to read it again, to see if I could connect the dots, and I realized just how well elusivetwilight crafted this story. Fantastic job!


To read the rest of the entries visit our C2.
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