March 21, 2011

The Jukebox Anonymous One Shot Contest 2nd Place Winners

We would like to first thank all of the wonderful authors who took the time to enter our contest. We never imagined it would have such an enormous response.

We must also like to take a moment to thank our judges; Gothic Temptress, Tkegl, Breath-of-Twilight, and Cullen_sistah. You ladies are the very best for judging. This contest would not have gone off so easily without you.

Thank you to all who promoted, voted, and read the entries in this contest. And thank you, Waywardgirl for being kind enough to post this monster on your site.

I, tg10781, would like to add a special thank you to Ange de laube. She has held my hand through this entire process. I'm certain she wanted to ring my neck a few times, but she didn’t complain once! I would not have been able to do this without her. She was also kind enough to make all the graphics for the contest. Without her you guys would be getting banners with stick figures on the front…

A special thank you to the ladies who helped me write the reviews. I thought I would be able to do it on my own – I was sadly mistaken.

Because of the extremely high number of entries we decided to separate the judge and public scores. When we made this decision we did not anticipate that there would be several ties. After much thought we decided that there was no fair way to break the ties. So as you’ll see there are many stories that have tied in both the judge and public vote.

Without further ado… The second place winners of The Jukebox contest:

2nd Place Judge’s ChoiceLove is on the Air by cosmoandmarvar 

Summary: Bella and Edward are successful in their professional lives…but can they be as lucky in love? Co-starring Zac Efron. Rated M for dirty language and Zefron's abs.

In this often funny, sometimes heart breaking tale, Bella is a celebrity reporter in a relationship with correspondent journalist Edward.  Distance strains their relationship, but through phone calls and secret on-air messages embedded in their reports, they manage to keep in touch and express their love. 

When a miscommunication, and the flirting of one sexy leading man with perfect abs, leads to a heart-wrenching separation, will Bella be willing to fight for their love?  Will Edward?  And how will Bella react when she learns that Edward has accepted a job that puts even more distance between them?

This story keeps you hoping that Bella and Edward will each overcome their obstacles and end up together forever.  How will the authors cosmoandmarvar end this tale?  Will we all get the happy ever after that we long for?  You’ll have to read to find out!

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2nd Place Judge’s Choice & 2nd Place People's Choice: Cygnus Reawakened by Risbee 

Summary:  Twenty years is both a moment and a lifetime when your path leads you away from the one you can't forget. When you lose your way, sometimes you need to go back to the beginning.
Almost everyone remembers the ‘perfect’ couple in high school; the couple that was inseparable, who had the relationship that seemed as if it was written in the stars.  And almost everyone wonders once in a while what happened to this couple after school. 

Bella and Edward were the ideal couple in high school that seemed destined to be together, however, once Edward is accepted to the college of his dreams their paths diverge and life puts them through many experiences both happy and sad.  Still they both held onto the love of their innocence and felt the torturous yearning for their lost soul mate. 

Bella and Edward’s high school reunion is coming up, and this story answers the question of whether or not these two will ever be reunited. 

Risbee does a fantastic job of weaving the past with the present in this story.  This is a wonderful story of what was, what could be, and what has been written in the stars. 

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2nd Place Judge’s Choice:  Crown of Love by mephis1

Summary:  What happens when she returns to remind several friends, who are scattered to the four winds, that it's time to go home? "They say it fades, if you let it".

The poetic beauty and the dark tone of this story captivated me from the very start. As each scene unfolded, I became more ensnared in Bella's lurid motivations and cringed as she achieved her revenge.

By the end of this beautifully written story, I found myself rooting for her. I especially loved the final scene between the two separated lovers, the couple reunited beneath a romance consisting of the darkest complexity.

mephis1 was able to craft a story that was frightening and captivating. Even in death, Edward's features are peaceful. I felt the same, when I finished reading this story. I felt as though he was finally able to wear his crown of love, and so might she. The author made me believe that it was exactly as it should be, and that we should feel peaceful too. It was superbly done!


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 3rd Place Judge’s Choice & 2nd Place People's Choice:  All Of Me by elusivetwilight

Summary'These wounds won't seem to heal. This pain is just too real. There's just too much that time cannot erase.' Does Bella still have all of Edward? AUAH, Angst/Hurt/Comfort

Goodness, I will never forget my initial reaction after completing this story for the first time, my mouth opened in shock and goosebumps forming on my skin. The shock factor, and the build up to it, was perfectly done.

From the very beginning, the sad tone of Bella's feelings and thoughts are palpable. The readers are given the distinct impression of her despair, and then we are shown Edward's reactions, his desperate sobs taking over and reacts, and then emotionally pulls back. As the story progresses, so do the range of emotions, until the reader realizes the twist at the end. It was so well done! I had to read it again, to see if I could connect the dots, and I realized just how well elusivetwilight crafted this story. Fantastic job!


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