March 17, 2011


I stumbled upon a new fic yesterday, it seems to be going well in reviews but I fell in love with it so I wanted to share.

 Bella Swan is no stranger to hard work, but everything changes when she is forced to work in Cullen Manor, the home of America's royal family. Her encounters with a certain prince cause her to wonder if the rules are worth following. MODERN DAY. AH, OOC

The idea of a present day royal family in the USA was enough of a twist to pull me in. I was pleasantly surprised, it's full of humor and a bit of angst. Bella in this is a complete klutz and she has absolutely NO verbal filter, imagine that in a household full of sirs and madams. There are hot soup spilled on peens and fucks said in between. It's 10 chapters in and some drama has started to begin, take a look and hopefully you'll like it as much as me.

Royal Encounters is the outtakes in EPOV.
Author on Twitter: @xNimC


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