February 27, 2011

Seeing Daylight

Hello Ladies! I have something I'm so very proud to present. My very good friend, I feel in real life even though I met her in the fandom, Jessypt wrote what was supposed to be a one shot for Ms. Kathy and the FGB auction. It took some time, and expanded into 11 chapters of pure win. I present to you Seeing Daylight.

Summary: She chose him. He chose rodeo. Can her broken heart and a broken man be mended when a chance encounter brings them back together?

One word ladies. Rodeoward. Oh the yumminess just never stops. Jess has a way of telling a story full of detail without going overboard, and has tension that makes you BEG for relief!

After losing touch, Bella and Edward meet again when.. nope not gonna say. What I will tell you is that this story will tug on your heartstrings, but not break them, and leave you believing in fate and love. What I love about this story is how real it is. This is something you'd hear about from a friend about two actual people. She makes it so real and so loving, I just gush over this, really, can't you tell?

And I'm not just pushing this because I am one of her betas. I'm pushing it because you will miss out if you don't read her amazing story. We're lucky to have such a wonderful person in the fandom, and I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

Read Seeing Daylight, and when you do, leave her a review. I know she loves them, and since I'm a stalker of fics I beta, I'll love it too! Remember to tell her that we sent you, that way she'll buy lunch when I see her!! See how everything's about food for me? Want me to push something? Offer me food. You can't really lose!!

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