February 9, 2011

Isabella Swan by Verucasin

Someone on twitter recently asked me what I love in a romance story. I love angst with my smut. I don't know about you, but I like that love and then lost story. That's probably one of the reasons I freaking love Isabella Swan by Verucasin.

Rated: M
Pairing: Bella/Edward

The first chapter is sort of like the end of most stories. They're together and they're happy...well that lasts all of one chapter. Then the shit hits the fan in the form of Carlisle Cullen, the CEO and Edward's father. You see he's not too thrilled that his son is dating someone like Isabella Swan, a model and student at NYU. What neither Edward nor his father realize is that Bella can hear their conversation. When Edward doesn't stick up for her to his father Bella (rightfully) calls him out on it. When he doesn't say anything again, merely shrugs his shoulders, she says something for him and it’s the words, “We're through”.

I think it takes Edward all of one day to realize how much he's fucked up and lost the most amazing woman on the planet. He's determined to get her back. He drops out of the running for the next CEO of his father's company to try and distance himself from his over bearing control, but is it too little too late as far as Bella's concerned?

I absolutely adore this story! I've been with it from nearly the beginning and now that we're right in the middle of everything I'm always on the edge of my seat ready for the next chapter. I don't know how she does it but every chapter seems to have something that I wasn't even remotely expecting. So far there hasn't been a whole lot of the rebuild of the relationship and I'm getting the vibe that the story is probably going to consist mainly of that. We've had about nine chapters of hate for Prickward (that's my nickname for him) and one chapter of smut. Since they have slept together I have hope that the relationship is headed in the right direction. I think Edward is hoping that as well, maybe we're both optimists...I couldn't resist him. I know, now there are a lot of you out there saying “screwing and a relationship aren't the same thing”. Well you know what? I roll my eyes at you and say let me have my dream. When someone hurts you I know that it takes a while, but you can forgive and forget. It really is possible. They are miserable without each other. If they don't work it out I will throw the biggest hissy fit known to be thrown by a twenty-one year old because as much as I love angst I am a Happily Ever After girl at heart, so I'm hoping that everything works out well for our couple in the end. I have faith in verucasin that she won't leave me or you disappointed. So if you haven't read this gem. Stop what you're doing now and go and read...I mean it...right now...

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