February 10, 2011

Take This Heart by BookwormBaby2580

*waves* I feel like it's been awhile since I've posted on here...how is everyone?? If you haven't noticed before, I'm a total sucker for Bella/Carlisle stories. It's my favorite pairing and Take This Heart by BookwormBaby2580 is one of my favorites. Bella moves to Forks to live with Charlie and meets Edward in her Biology class, he mysteriously leaves for awhile....sound familiar? Well, this story is a bit different. Alice has a vision of Carlisle finally finding his mate after waiting for three hundred years, however, he's skeptical when he finds out who is soulmate is: Bella Swan. Of course, the pull between them can't be ignored and Carlisle and Bella start a relationship. The Cullens soon realize that something is up with Bella; she's reluctant to talk about her life back in Arizona and turns up at school with countless injuries.

As you keep reading, you learn just how broken Bella is. An alcoholic father who beats her, a stepdad who sexually abuses her and a mother who did nothing to stop it. For the first time in her life she has someone to comfort and love her: Carlisle. The Cullens are slowly turning Bella's life around and the only thing in the way of eternity with the man she loves is herself. Bella has a very warped version of herself and is reluctant to believe that something good has happened in her life:

It was such a nice fantasy, imagining Carlisle loving me forever, and he sounded so convincing. Maybe I could believe it just for a little while. Just for now, here in this room where nobody else could see, I would give myself a little indulgence and believe that Carlisle would never leave me.

*sniffs* Oh, Bella.

Right now there are 87 chapters..you will fly through them and be left wanting more. It's an angsty fic and there are some intense scenes so if you're sensitive to abuse then I wouldn't recommend this. If you're a fan Just Wait...I'd say this is right up your alley. Break out of your canon shell and go read Take This Heart, you won't regret it (promise).

P.S. Even though Edward isn't with Bella in this story, he's a total sweetheart and you will love him! The same with Jake, it was nice to read a story where Jake wasn't a total asshole...

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