February 8, 2011

Banners for Causes from TwiFicPics

Authors are often asked and encouraged to help raise awareness and monetary support for a multitude of charitable causes by submitting one-shots or outtakes, sometimes even original pieces of fiction to a compilation. As banner makers we want to find a way to help out as well.

This might include:
  • Creating promotional materials for a cause, such as headers for websites and buttons for supporters. Also, putting together websites and blogs when the need calls for it \
  • Developing graphic packages (wallpapers, Twitter backgrounds, icons, avatars, etc.) to be sent along with the compilation of stories
  • Making banners for the one-shots/outtakes the authors submit to go along with the compilation

 If you are an author looking for a banner for your story or if you are a graphic artist that would like to help, please head over to TwiFicPics for information. 

The general information forum can be found HERE for both artists and authors

I, along with many other very talented graphic artists are willing to help!  Check it out!

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