January 6, 2011

Review - New Phase of the Moon

Happy new year everyone!

So I'm back to try and grab the attention of all you lovely people again. Yes I know you all adore Edward and this is understandable but I think its time we got some more Jacob loving around this place.

So I proudly introduce you too one of my latest reads.

*Drum roll*

New Phase of the Moon by Notashamedtobe

Rated: M for lemons and language

Genre: Romance/Angst

If you want a fiction full of adventure, twist and turns all wrapped up in sexy romance and feisty bite to Bella then this is the way to go. The fiction opens during New moon and all is changed with a passionate kiss. Bella begins as she means to go on and finally grows a back bone standing tall as a wolf girl. She is sucked into a whole new supernatural world, being excepted into the pack in a very original way.

This is a meaty fiction with an impressive 74 chapters, that reignites your interest in the pack's heritage, gives you a whole new perspective on Bella but keeps true to the small details of a typical teenage life.

A new character is also introduced; Violet, with an impressive and very clandestine history, bringing spice to the plot line. This binds the whole story giving it great depth and always leaving the reader hanging on the edge of their seat waiting to find out more.

It is a well written and beta'd fiction that you just cant stop reading. Even if you're not a Jacob and Bella lover you can easily enjoy the creative storyline and immerse yourself into the world the writer has created.

This story is packed full of passion and smoldering lemons so younger readers be warned. As for all you mature girlys, buckle up and enjoy this mouth watering piece of smut.

Run dont walk to this amazing fiction. You will not be disappointed I promise.

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