January 9, 2011

Aren't we all just mental?

I'm back again... this time with a push from the push list. *le gasp* Yes we do still, slowly but surely, read from it. ;)

I'm sure you've heard of him before johnnyboy7 aka @johnnyboy1029 and if you haven't, well that's what I'm here for. Anyway he has a new story, it is 13 chapters in and I am hooked. He has a nice style of writing that I fell for in his previous work. This story is very different and you will not have seen it before. There's so much I could tell you about this but I don't want to spoil anything... so just go read, you wont regret it.

After finding himself under arrest and in the worst of situations, Edward Masen's life suddenly spirals out of order. He is sentenced to spend his time at Windemere where nothing is as it seems. OCC, rated M for content, language, graphic scenes.
I must add, I am liking the banner. ;)
Peace out!

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