January 16, 2011

A Golden Globes Push

He's everything she thought she'd never want. He just wanted to get in her pants. Which side of the fence does she land on? "I don't go all fan-girl crush on anybody. I don't plan on starting now, either, especially over some random boy."

This fic had me from the first chapter. When you start reading you think that the story is going to go a certain way and immediately you are blind sighted....and I loved it! Bella and Edward meet when she's his waitress at Applebee's. They're both attracted to each other, but Edward isn't exactly Bella's type *giggles*. Edward leaves his number on the receipt but never gets a call from his hot waitress. Lucky for him, he gets a second chance...eventually.

I love the author's description of Emmett (no use of "teddy" or "bear" *cheers*):

Emmett says everything jovially. I think he should be the guy who has to tell you your grandmother didn't make it through surgery, or that you have an inoperable tumor. The news would still suck, but the delivery would soften the blow.

At times you want to strangle the characters for being stubborn or just plain stupid, but most of the time I'm cracking up at some of these passages:

I should have thought my "life plan" out a little bit better. I bet I would have made a kick ass CPA. Except for that whole math thing. Numbers and I are not friends unless I'm calculating the five percent tip the people at table three just left me. Assholes. I smiled at them and everything. Even when the nasty 1000 year old Methuselah "accidentally" grabbed my ass. He squeezed. How the fuck do you accidentally squeeze someone's ass? I hope his arthritis flares up tonight from the strenuous activity.

There's Tattward, Snarkella, a bitchy Alice and a giggly Jasper....what more could you ask for?

Is everyone watching the Golden Globes right now? Gah, Rob looks so dreamy....

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