January 30, 2011

Guest Review - Siren Song by MidnightHalo

Summary: Dark Jasper finds his La tua cantante. Instantly he becomes obsessed with the girl that sings for him. But is she as human as he thinks or is she just a figment of his imagination? Will his obsession be enough to keep the girl alive? Lemon/One shot 

Pairing: Jasper & OC
Rated: M
Status: Complete


I didn't expect much when I discovered the story. It had little reviews, I assumed because it is Jasper&OC (which I guess are not that popular, though for me it's not a problem). So, I just scanned over it, but what my eyes caught, caught my attention.

I fell for it completely!

We meet Jasper, the non-vegetarian vamp, in a for him new situation where his inner beast struggles with his "romantic" side, which has just been confronted with his singer, Isabel.

By inner monologue, he reveals his want, lust, love, passion, his craving.

The writer has an awesome ability to let us readers participate in his thoughts and has us crave badly for dangerous, dark, possessive Jasper (if we aren't already anyway!).

There is something strange about mysterious Isabel you can't really put your finger on and the ending is resolved with a twist that leaves a lot of possibilities open. Well, the ending IS left open, which might scare off some readers, but I've found myself engaged in many interesting convos about it already.

The one more thing I can reveal without giving too much away is, that Jasper and Isabel engage in some very, very hot scenes, which are in several ways not intended for the weak of hearts!

It's not HEA, it's surprising and will leave you wondering!

I can't stress enough how well it is written and definitely should not stay just under 20 reviews! 

-- Review by @chavamirjam

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