October 4, 2010

WayWords with krazyk85, author of Chocolate Brown and Leather Whips

When I met krazyk85 and witnessed the  fierce devotion of her readers to her story I knew there was something special. First of all, she is just a really special person and talented writer and I am so glad to count her as a friend. Second of all, she breaks the rules when it comes to writing and I totally dig a rule breaker. Since her readers, betas and pre-readers are so involved in the process of CBLW I wanted to make sure they were all included in the interview process. So, welcome to the playroom. Sit back and enjoy insight into Dommella.
You were writing Ethics Be Damned when this story entered your life, amusingly enough, via Twitter and you just couldn’t put it on pause. The same thing happened to me. What about this story was so powerful that it pulled you to begin writing it while still working on another story and how is it balancing two stories? I know you like the rules and stuff so I love it that you broke your own rules and started writing a story all about breaking the rules.

kk: It’s amazing to me still why I felt the need to write this story. It was the idea of Bella being in control and I envisioned her whipping Edward into submission, and it excited me. For me, I knew I had to write it. Honestly, I hate juggling multiple stories, and it’s hard for me to do it. I would’ve never started CBLW if EBD wasn’t almost done because I need to focus solely on one project at a time. I mean, my first story Warm Son proves that fact, and I plan to finish that story one day. The rules…well, what can I say about that? I love rules, but I love breaking them even more. When I signed on for CBLW, I had a goal in mind. I wanted a hardcore Domme. It was one thing that I knew that would shock the hell out of the fandom, and I’ve gotten some interesting viewpoints on the subject. The more I read into the life of a Dominatrix, I knew I was taking a huge risk, but I knew that I had to do it…Regardless of the outcome.

Will Edwards family and/or Bella's employers find out about their unconventional lifestyle?

kk: Okay, here’s the skinny. There will be a character that is introduced to the story that will jeopardize Edward and Bella’s secrecy, and they will have to decide whether or not to come out with it…That’s all I’m going to say LOL

OK you prob can't answer that...but...

Does where you grew up or your ethnic background affect the way you write or project things?

kk: I think some of my writing and my thought process has a lot to do with how I grew up because my passion for writing was the one constant thing in life when my parents were going through a tough divorce. It was the only way I could escape my life and enter a world that I could control. Also, that difficult time kind of shines through in my characters because their lives are always in this massive whirlwind of chaos that they can’t seem to get out of. My characters do preserve…just like I did ;)

Given your analogies and double meanings in your stories, the simplicity and clear meaning behind the title seems too easy. Is there a deeper meaning beyond her eyes and…um…hobby?

kk:*gulps* Um, honestly? Nope…I am that lame. I seriously thought the name was clever, but I guess its hokie LOL. But in all seriousness, I named it that because those are the two things that Edward is obsessed with...the truth behind her Chocolate Brown eyes (Yeah, I know, original description...bear with me) and the pleasure of the pain her whips bring to his skin. It was the two things I could think of him really enjoying and that was how it came to pass.

How do you see Edward as a submissive? He seems to have this background where he used women to his advantage. What about him would make him a good submissive for Bella's character? And do you see Bella ever submitting to him?

kk: Edward to me has always been Bella’s submissive, even in Twilight. There are a lot of stories of him as a Dom, which is bloody fantastic, but I wanted to see Bella as the one with all the power. I was discussing this topic with my pre-reader last night, it occurred to us that Edward has always been a masochistic and submissive at heart, and I was just lucky enough to capitalize on this. As for Bella submitting to Edward…Not in my story ;)

What inspired you to write CBLW from Edward's point of view?

kk: I was finishing up Ethics Be Damned, and I wanted to do just an EPOV for my next fic because I really enjoyed doing his POV in EBD. Also, I like the intrigue of no knowing what the other character is thinking. There are so many questions about Bella that people are dying to know, and if I did multiple POV’s, I think it would take the mystery out of it. I want the readers to be as confused as Edward and not knowing what to expect next. It’ll make the Fic I write after CBLW all in BPOV’s that more special.

Now that the story is finally getting into the playroom, is there anything from the playroom that you have done to your husband or that you would like to do?

kk: The funny thing is that I am so vanilla with my husband. If I was too pull out flogger’s and handcuffs, I don’t know what the hell I would do. It’s easier for me to get into this world that I’ve created and write about it, but to do it in real life…It would be so out of my comfort zone, but if I was bold enough, I think I would do just the tying each other up. It’s the mildest of forms, and the most erotic. No, CBT or face fu…um, never mind…

What character do you relate the most to in CBLW?

kk: The character I most relate to is the one I put most of myself into and that would be Edward. There is so much of my personality in him. His distaste for the cold, obsessive nature, and irrational response to act on their gut. Also, I think I am a little submissive at heart. I would like to say that I’m strong and fierce like Bella, but I tend to lean more towards Edward’s submissive side.

Edward is an ass man. Your husband is an ass man and, as evidenced by your avi the other night, you have a fabulous ass. Is this the “piece” of you that you bring into your story?

kk: *blushes* Thank you…and no, it wasn’t the ‘piece’ of me that I was bringing into my story LOL. Actually, I don’t think Edward can decide which body part he likes best. I found when it comes to Bella, he sort of dwells on the whole package. He’s like a kid in a candy store who can’t decide which candy he wants first because they are all so delicious.

Vanilla latte and Socrates the douche. Girl, I just love where your analogies take your readers. Not a question. I just loved those things and had to toss them out there.

kk: So, here is the thing about Edward. He’s smart, but he’s also a smart ass. It’s so funny, every time I read that line I instantly think of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure…As for the vanilla latte. It’s all about imagery and to see a large man drink a ‘Bitch Drink’ was just funny to me, and it fit Emmett’s character to a T.

Who is your favorite author in the fandom and why? How do they inspire your writing and how do you, in turn, try to influence your readers?

kk: My favorite author would have to be SleepyValentina. She was the first AH story that I read, and Art After 5 was so amazing to me. It was so original and awe-inspiring. She basically owned me. Then she posted Counterpoint, which I just loved. Her epic characterizations of Edward were ingenious. It really inspired me to write my own fan fic. It was the way she took our beloved characters and brought something new to the table, and seriously, the counting that Edward did in Counterpoint was just brilliant. As for my readers and whether or not I influence them…The fact that they read my story is humbling enough. There is so much fan fiction out there for readers to choose from. It amazes me still that readers stumble upon my stories, open them up, and read them…Wow.

You are very interactive with your readers, tweeting with them, IM ing with them and working with them on your stories. How important are these women to you and your process and keeping you going?

kk: So important. The reason that I interactive with them is because they really are my driving force. It’s true, I do write because I love it, but the readers are the ones who keep me motivated. If they want to read the next chapter, and express that to me, I work hard to get it posted. I’ve also learned through some experience is that readers aren’t idiots and if you slip up in a story, they’ll call you on it. The tiniest of details that I overlooked in a story, my readers will catch. It was why I got a pre-reader because I needed that extra set of eyes. I have a tendency to be so wrapped up in my story that sometimes I need that outsider prospective. Honestly, if I didn’t have these ladies, I’m sure I would’ve screwed up royally somewhere…It’s my nature.

Just For Fun

• Peas or Carrots? Peas!
• Cupcakes or Fondant? Cupcakes!!
• Student or teacher? Student.
• Guilty Pleasure? Twitter.
• Favorite decade for music? Fashion? Literature? The late eighties, early nineties. Not into fashion. Twilight.
• Twitter or Facebook? Twitter
• Vanilla, Caramel or Chocolate? Caramel
• Who is your favorite author in the fandom and why? See above ;) Love ya, Kiva!!!

I don't know about you all, but I can't wait for the "playdates" to begin. Until then, I will be working on my next interview which will be with @SparklingWand of Don't Take The Girl. If there are questions you are dying to ask her,  fill out the interview form. Oh, and there is also a form there to fill out if there is an author you would like to be interviewed.

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