October 5, 2010

REVIEW: Play by: Monique2401

Play by: Monique2401

The Story:Play
The Author: Monique2401
The Pairing: Bella/Edward
The Genre: Hot & Steamy
The Rating: M

The Summary:

When a sweaty, muscle flexing hottie catches Bella's eyes at her local gym, will she give into her sudden desires towards him and go in for the kill? One shot. Rated M for language and lemon.

The Review:

**SWOON** Words fail me…this story is HAWT! Monique2401 did an amazing job wrapping all kinds of humor and sexiness around this little story. You will laugh, gape, and swoon over her characters. They ooze sexuality. Stolen glances here and there just aren’t enough for Bella. She’s brazen, bold, and knows exactly what she wants.

"Well, it's very nice to meet you Bella. I'm going to hit the showers. I hope to see you again soon," he smiled seductively, biting his bottom lip.

I nodded at him, too stunned to form any coherent words. What was with that look he gave me when he said he hoped to see me again soon? I watched his retreating figure walking towards the guy's locker rooms. Seeing him again soon didn't seem like soon enough. I couldn't bear to watch him leave, especially knowing he would be all kinds of naked and wet in the shower.

My feet were moving on their own accord towards the male locker rooms. What am I doing? I can't just walk in there quietly. I have too much vagina to walk in a room full of penises. How could I walk in there without being noticed that I am a fucking chick walking in a guy's locker room?

I looked around the room, my eyes landing on a baggy jumper lying on the ground. I strolled over to where it was, gathering it up in my hands and stretching it in front of my eyes. It was definitely a man's sweatshirt but I didn't know whose. I nuzzled my nose into the thick fabric, inhaling the heavenly scent. Whoever the fucked owned this smelt delicious.

Everyone around me was engrossed in either conversation or their exercise. From the looks of it, no eyes were on me. I quickly dressed in the jumper, throwing it over my tank top and shorts. It was like a long dress on me, stopping mid-thigh. I pulled the hoodie over my head, tucking my hair so no strands were visible.

I can do this. I can do this. I repeated the words, chanting silently to myself.

Make sure you take a change of panties along for the ride. You may need a back up pair. Bella herself says there’s puddle in my panties and it’s not sweat. Trust me yours will be too. Please don’t forget to review and leave the author some love!!

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  1. Thank you so much, ladies. It means so much to me to have one of my pieces of writing rec'd. :)



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