October 5, 2010

Review: The Bigger They Are by LadyExcalibur2010

The Story: The Bigger They Are
The Author: LadyExcalibur2010
The Pairing: Bella/Edward
The Status: WIP
The Rating: M

The Summary:
Confirmed bachelor and career soldier, Edward Cullen was perfectly happy with his life. Until a young punk busted his windshield. Suddenly, he finds himself drawn to a beautiful woman with a LOT of baggage.
Edward is a nearly forty year old bachelor (lol I totally wrote virgin and had to backspace *facepalm*) and lifelong army man. When fourteen year old Emmett James hits his windshield with a rock and cracks it, he ends up meeting Mrs. James aka Bella. Turns out Emmett is the oldest of four boys: there's Emmett, Seth, Sam and little Jacob. Bella is a widow, her husband Mac was killed two years earlier in the war. In order to repay Edward for the damage to his car, Emmett is forced to help Edward out with odd jobs on the weekends. This means a very smitten Edward gets to spend some more time with Bella, but is she ready to open her heart to someone else?

My Two Cents:

Lately I've been craving stories that have cute scenes with kids and this story did not disappoint. Edward gets along with the boys but knows better than to try and replace their father, he's such a good influence and a good guy all around.

This Bella seriously takes shit from NO ONE, which is a breath of fresh air for me. She's funny and obviously loves her kids a lot. The fact that she's not perfect is what Edward loves about her and makes her a more appealing character. Raising four boys on your own has got to be hard and she does a great job at it.

The kids...*sigh*...oh how I love these four boys. They're all such well-mannered little guys that try not to hassle their mom; they know she has a lot on her plate and don't want to make it worse. Each of them has specific traits that make them stand out. Emmett was affected by his dad's death the most; he gets into a little trouble but is a good big brother. Seth is the diplomat of the group, simple and likes music. Sam is a little genius, always with a book in his hand and the type to always think one step ahead. And then there's Jacob. Oh, Jacob. The baby of the family is a con-artist that you can't help but love. His puppy dog eyes are irresistible, his sweet tooth is big and his love for Star Wars is great.

The relationship between E&B is a slow process, but it wouldn't make sense if it went fast. She just lost her husband and has the rest of her family to think about. Nevertheless, the pair are extremely sweet and have a....different form of romance (rendezvous in the closet, anyone?). These two quotes explain it all:
I kissed her, and even though this was worlds away from the roses and romantic dinner and soft music I had imagined for this scene, it was us. She had taco breath and I had beer breath and I was sporting a completely inappropriate boner, but it felt right.--Ch 29
It was sneaking into closets to steal a little alone time; and declaring your feelings over beer and tacos. --Ch 30

Some of my favorite quotes:
I resolved to act like the grown up I was. But if I heard "I'm not touching you" one more time I was seriously going to lose my shit.     --Ch 13
I knew that Jake tugged on his ear when he was tired and that Emmett sometimes flushed because he was shy. I knew that Seth was the gentlest of the boys and that he despised white chocolate, preferring dark chocolate instead. I knew that Sam was interested in all things scientific, but most especially astronomy and anything to do with animals. And I knew that Bella loved me.     --Ch 39
"We're both hairy, have been known to pass gas in public, and have humped things we shouldn't have," I told her. "It's only natural that we'd have an affinity for each other." (They were talking about the bond between men and dogs, lol) --Ch 41

How cute does this story sound? It makes me laugh and *sigh* and I always get excited when I see an update in my inbox. Go check out The Bigger They Are, you won't be disappointed!

Let me know if you read and how you like it! Until next time...

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