October 4, 2010

A Fic That Makes You *sigh*

*waves* Hey everyone! I have a quick push for ya....

Remember Me by isakassees
"If I only got one day a year, I would make it count." One secret tree, one magic sunset, one chance to make a wish. Childhood sweethearts turned penpals, they grow up together and apart, falling in like, lust and love.

This is the newest story by the author that brought us This Is Not My Life. Remember Me is only three chapters in and I can already tell that it's going to be one of my favorite stories ever! It starts with a very young Edward and Bella meeting at a tree after they both run away from home. Edward was escaping the torment of his brother; Bella was getting away from her fighting parents. Bella soon moves from Forks with her mom and her and Edward are forced apart after just meeting. They keep in touch through letters and see each other in the summer.

Seriously, the cuteness level of this story is off the charts. They are a really sweet pair; Edward is sort of nerdy and not very athletic while Bella is her usual adorable self.

If you haven't already started reading this heartwarming story...what are you waiting for?! Go now!!

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