October 2, 2010

More Slash Anyone?

Did you like the slash push? Let us know if you actually like to be recc'd these kind of fics. :)

This weeks push is Undeniable Attraction by LixiLovesWhitlock (Completed) I've spent the last two days reading it. I really like it, it's a different kind of relationship between Edward and Jasper. And when you read the story description you certainly do not think what happens will happen.

Edward's whole perspective changes after an impulsive kiss of his best friend. He's not gay. So why does he keep picturing his best friend in compromising situations? JxE Slash AH

On a note, there are some none betad chapters in the beginning, I did notice some spelling errors and such, I did let the author know. It does not take from the story at all, just be forewarned. Other than that the story pulls you in and her characters are cute and you will be rooting for them.

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