October 1, 2010

Edward who?...ForksPixie Pushes The Non-Canons

*Smiles at all the Tiny Robs... smacks Tiny Jackson's ass on the way in* Hello Lovies, welcome to this weeks edition of 'Edward who?' - the pushes, by yours truly, of the best Non-canon fics.

This week, I can honestly say, I had a hard time choosing only a few fics to push. OMJ! Have you noticed how many WIN stories are being written in the Non-canon world? I personally have an inbox full of updates and each one is Squeeeee worthy. So that's why I am here, to help you choose your next fic to fangirl over without having to go through a list that could be overwhelming.

Here are a few of the ones 'I stop everything' and go read:

Nowhere Left to Run by Spirare

After 5 years on the run, Bella's past catches up to her. AU OOC Bella/Jasper/Peter/Char Rated M for language and other naughty things to come.
This little gem of a fic is simple BRILLIANCE! Bella is one bad-ass human that has been through more than we have yet to discover. At this point all we know is that she has a powerful gift, even as a human, has befriended the Volturi and a few witches before being united with the Whitlocks... yes, plural! She is 'baby Whitlock' and Jasper, Peter & Char have already fallen for her charm, even if said charm is a sexy- don't take shit from no one- personality. I won't give anymore away, but I have to say that the sexin' so far is drool worthy & everyone seems to be into the 'swinging' of partners... you just never know who will be using the kitchen counter or the bed next... dayum!

Your First by Shirley007

First love. It's sweet, it's nerve wrecking, it's awkward, it's beautiful and it happens only once in a lifetime. J&B All JPOV
This is a new addition to all the other amazing stories by Shirley007... I am a huge fan of The Prophecy and I ALWAYS stop to read any update from this hard working fic writer (check out her long list of stories and you'll see what I mean), but I'm now hooked on Your First after only one chapter. Jasper is telling the story about how he first fell in love with Bella Swan at age 16 and all the awkwardness of being young & in love. Already we have Jasper fumbling through his first sexual encounter with Bella and preparing for their first date... this fic will have you reminiscing about the days of young love & laughing at all the embarrassing moments.

Crossroads A Family In Crisis by Monroe5

Set five years after Bella and Edward's wedding the family has gone off on their separate directions but one call from Carlisle brings them all back home where decisions about the future will be made but not before the events of the past are dealt with. Jasper/Bella, Vamp
How do I begin to push this without giving too much away? Hmmmm... this phenomenal fic starts off where we don't know what has torn the family apart. Every member is going through a difficult time in their existence. Secrets and deceit have surrounded this once happy family. Carlisle & Esme have a secret of their own and call the family back to ask for their help when they discover that Bella, whom they all assumed was changed & living with Edward, is missing and human. Jasper is sent to find her and bring her back with the intentions of making sure she is changed before the Volturi find out, but she has plans of her own.

This fic is amazing, folks... I can not stress enough how much you need to check this one out!

Paradigm Shift by LilyoftheValley77

Bella's life as a Cullen was near perfect. But what happens when Jasper and Bella return from three days away and find that everything they knew, everything that was has been changed forever? Jasper/Bella
Oh this fic has me biting my nails and shaking for the next update. It's a mystery and Lily has you still at the edge of the cliff after 17 chapters. Jasper and Bella (set after BD, so she's all vamp - no Nessie) go check-out a University they plan to attend. They are taking the opportunity to get to know each other better after Edward and Bella have returned from their long time away. It's all innocent, but when they return after 3 days, excited to be reunited with their mates... they find that no one recognizes them and they have been thrown into the 'Twilight Zone'. Incredibly well written and if you love a who done it type mystery, this is the fic for you.

Well, that concludes this weeks pushes, happy reading & let me know when you start reading so I can fangirl with you *hugs you tight & kisses all over*


  1. Love your rec´s, i´ve read all but one, so i´m off to read Crossroads right now, =)
    They´re all great stories worth R&R <33

    best wishes, Linda

  2. I'm gonna go check out Your First, sounds so sweet! *hugs*

  3. Thank you so much for the rec, sweetheart!


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