October 28, 2010

Guest Review: All That's Left by mostly a lurker

*waves* Wayward Girl here. Some of you might know of the All Hallows Eve One-shot Contest, yes? The winners have been chosen and part of their prize includes a review that will be posted on here and our sister site, Twificone. This is the first review of three, so make sure to check all of them out and enjoy! On with the review...

The Story: All That's Left
The Author: mostly a lurker

The Summary: A mysterious seductress comes to town in the guise of a teenage girl. Will she capture Edward in her deadly embrace?

When I was reading the Twilight Saga, I felt rather intrigued by a group of Secondary Characters that played a very small role within the books: The ‘Denali Sisters’. I briefly wondered about the back-story behind their decision to change diets, and to become what one could consider were ‘friendly’ succubi. However, I’m easily distracted, and Edward Cullen is just too beautiful to allow me the time to dwell on those questions for too long.

Yet, amongst the contestants in the ‘All Hallows Eve Contest’ there was a story which did a remarkable job at exploring the mind of a succubus: All That’s left by mostly a lurker. So, I revisited my earlier speculations about how one of the Denali Coven would think, in a time before they ‘found the light,’ and followed the path of ‘vegetarianism’.

Obviously, I imagined well-oiled killing machines with specific plans and tastes in regards to their preys. After all, we all have a favorite food, right?

That’s exactly the kind of succubus mostly a lurker presents us in her O/S, with the slight difference that our sexy vampire is none other than lovely, not-so-sweet Bella.

In the first few paragraphs of the O/S, Bella prepares a convincing disguise that will keep her out of the radar of anyone capable of unveiling her true predatory nature. She fools everyone in town because no one ever suspects an innocent teenage girl, even though everyone knows that the devil comes in the prettiest of disguises.

She then selects her victim based on a set of requirements he should meet, and almost gives up on the whole endeavor when none of the boys in Forks High seems to fill the profile. That is until she stumbles upon a very lonely, very much invisible Geekward.

Yes, lethal Bella selects loner geeky Edward as her prey, and I have to hand it to her she has excellent taste. I would have chosen him as well.

Throughout the story, mostly a lurker takes us down a winding road which most of us can guess where it ends, but feel compelled to follow nonetheless.

Bella is the grim reaper that sickle in hand, lures Edward into her trap. Will he see her true self before is too late or will he be another one of her victims?

Read this fantastic O/S and find out, because as stated in the last words of famous criminal Robert Alton Harris: "You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the grim reaper." Even our beloved Edward Cullen.

Review by Ange de l’aube

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