October 28, 2010

Guest Review: The Trick is To Keep Breathing by McGee42

The Story: The Trick is To Keep Breathing
The Author: McGee42
The Rating: M

The Summary: Set in New Moon. What happens when Edward leaves and keeps his promise, to never return?

What @roon0 has to say:

"This is a clever, beautifully written story which is heart breaking, funny and warm, all at the same time. 

The story is not conventionally told,  Bella's story unfolds through various written communications, these include emails, texts, letters and newspaper articles.  Amongst these communiques, other characters ranging from Jacob and Alice to Jessica and Carlisle get to give their points of view.  The author's Bella is a wise and strong girl.  Watching her grow is a real pleasure.

I am truly amazed how underrated this story seems to be (only 100 reviews) and its one of the best things I have read anyway in fan fiction. 

So read it, enjoy it, treasure it but please remember to bring tissues, you will need them."

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