October 29, 2010

Guest Review: The Witching Hour by wytchwmn75

*waves* Wayward Girl here. Some of you might know of the All Hallows Eve One-shot Contest, yes? The winners have been chosen and part of their prize includes a review that will be posted on here and our sister site, Twificone. This is the second review of three, so make sure to check all of them out and enjoy! On with the review...

The Title: The Witching Hour
The Author: wytchwmn75

The Summary: Wiccan cousins Bella, Alice, and Rose have sensed a dark force moving into Forks. Will they defeat it before it's too late? And how will the mysterious Cullen brothers help them?

"We do not let our guard down, and we protect what is ours. How do you think you survived a hundred and six degree fever when you were eight? My blood. Or how Bella fell out of the tree when she was eleven? Edward's blood. And Alice? That night you went to that rave and someone slipped you GHB? Jasper's blood. After he beat the shit out of those low lives. Excuse me if I take offense to being told we don't do our job," Emmett said.

Witches, vampires, and wolves, Oh My! In “The Witching Hour” by wytchwmn75, you get them all in a fascinating tale following three Wiccan cousins as they attempt to save Forks and themselves from the dark forces they feel. Will they do it and what will they learn in the process?

What first hooked me to this story was the diverse range of characters. Bella, Alice, and Rosalie are all cousins and Wiccan Witches, which is not often seen in the fandom. Edward, Jasper and Emmett make up the Cullen brothers who are all vampires, but also Guardians of the cousin witches. Although the cousins and brothers go to Forks High School together they don’t know each other, only of each other. From afar there are lots of stares and whispers, but it isn’t until Samhain (what we know as Halloween) is a few days away that the Cullens begin to interject themselves into their lives. From there they convince the girls that they are their Guardians, or protectors. No human could be considered a Guardian because they wouldn’t have the strength to protect as witch, so the boys reveal they are also vampires. The wolves in this story make a late entrance, but a powerful one, when we learn not all is as it appeared to be when Bella a moment of telepathy.

Wytchwmn75 writing style captivated me from start to finish, which is often difficult when writing
one-shots because so much has to be covered in such a short amount of words.The character development and flow of this story is solid and amazing. Although I consider it a powerful read, it’s an easy one. It literally had me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading!

If you have not read it, I highly recommend it! I also am thrilled to announce that this one-shot will be expanded in the future and I am dying waiting for it!

Review by  SammieLynnsMom

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