September 25, 2010

Video/Review: Somewhere Between Crimson and Blue

The Story: Somewhere Between Crimson & Blue

The Author: antiaol

The Pairing: Edward/Bella

The Rating: M

The Summary: When Edward, a reclusive, quiet boy, meets a vibrant & older Bella, sparks ignite. Immediately intrigued by her, she challenges his already cemented thoughts on life & love. Will opposites attract or is this pair on a collision course to destruction?

This story is one of my all-time favorites. I actually created the video as a big 'ol thank you to the author. This story has everything. The emotions conveyed are felt so incredibly through her words and I only hope that the video did it some justice. Told completely through Edward's point of view, which is rare. If you were a lucky member of the FGB team for this story you got a little inside look at Bella, but the EPOV is wonderful all on it's own. If you haven't read this story, please do so! You will love this Edward and Bella as much as I do.

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