September 25, 2010

Some Saturday Slash?

I am going to ease you guys into it, first time a slash fic will be pushed. ;)

How to Turn a Straight Guy Gay by Lou-La
"My name is Jasper Whitlock, and I teach straight boys the pleasure of c*ck." 
EdxJas, obviously slash. Lemons, naughty words, the usual. M!

This is the first full story I read, and seeing as I'm easing you guys into it, I figured this fic would be awesome. If you have never read slash before and want to try this is great way to start. It is a graphic boysexin story, but it is never tasteless and never just 'cuz. There will be some angst, there will also be laughs. I'll leave ya to it and check it out if ya dare. :P

As always, let the author know we sent ya!

Peace Out,

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