September 24, 2010

Review: Beyond the Seventh Circle by Amelie Gray

The Story: Beyond the Seventh Circle
The Author: Amelie Gray
The Pairing: Bella/Edward
The Status: WIP
The Rating: M

The Summary:
Bella lives in a different universe: she's basically bait the wolfpack uses in order to capture vampires. The story starts with the pack using her to capture Edward, a well-known and powerful vamp. He immediately becomes interested Bella because of her scent and his inability to read her mind. The wolves lock him up in a vampire-proof cell but Edward doesn't stay for long. Jasper, Edward's coven leader, comes to rescue him. Edward is released and ends up kidnapping Bella and taking her with them.

Oh yeah, one other thing....Bella doesn't speak, at all. *cue dramatic music*

My Two Cents:
This fic is so flippin' awesome and creative! I've never read anything like this. If you like some Darkward and an original storyline, you have to check this lil guy out.

Edward has this dominant, evil thing going on and it's pretty hot, I'll admit it...
"Welcome to Hell, Bella," Edward whispered, enjoying the lurch in her heartbeat, how her body stirred her to run, even though he could see the resignation in her eyes. "You should get used to it. This is the only home you'll ever have."
There are 14 chapters posted right now and the plot is starting to get really juicy! There's tension amongst a lot of the characters that's yet to be resolved...I see an epic fight in the future! Bella's "family" is certainly not going to let her go without a fight.

I forgot to mention that Jake wants to be with Bella romantically (they used to be together) and is extremely controlling, especially since he's Alpha of the pack. He's gonna be PISSED when he finds out that Bella was taken by a bunch of bloodsuckers

If all this isn't enough to the plot, the whole Bella doesn't talk thing is a huge mystery. We've yet to find out why she can't talk, hell, she might be able to and just chooses not to....*ponders the possibilities*

Amelie Gray is such a beautiful writer, it's a joy to read everything she writes! If you're looking for a thriller, check out Beyond the Seventh Circle!

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Lemme know how you guys like the story! Until next time...*winks*

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