September 19, 2010

Review: Not So Average by ThaigherLillie

The Story: Not So Average

The Author: Thaigher Lillie

The Rating: M

The Status: WIP

The Summary: Bella Is a plus sized girl determined to change how she feels about herself. But after a prank gone wrong at a college party will anyone care to help Bella pick up the pieces of Herself again? Will Bella ever recover her self esteem? Strong themes!

What I have to say:
What I like about this story is that not everybody or everything is as it seems. You get a picture painted for you and then find out how entirely off you really are. I understand that it can be typically hard to deal with stories about disorders such as these, but this one is a must read.

The way Bella feels about herself and the extremes she is willing to go to are intense. She wants what every girl wants, but just feels that she'll never ever get it. The people around her are hurtful and awful to her, including of course our favorite gang. But are they really all against her?

He could easily be classified as being 6ft3. He had piercing green eyes and reddish brown hair. I couldn't stop staring until I heard a throat cleared.

"Keep staring fugly, that's about all you're going to get." a voice sneered.

I looked up and saw Rosalie Hale staring at me with blazing eyes. I couldn't even hold her gaze. I immediately looked down. I am not a confrontational person and anytime my feelings were hurt or I was pissed off the tears would flow endlessly.

I was trying not to cry and let it get to me. I knew that if I let her see me cry she would never stop pestering me.

"Shut the fuck up Rosalie, the only thing you're getting is him off, your aren't even in a relationship with him. Stop being a bitch." I heard Angela hiss at Rosalie.

"Are you serious? Edward and that fat-fuck?" she laughed.

"Never." she sneered.

I was so embarrassed that I hurried to gather my things and tried to walk out of the backdoor as quietly as possible. But somewhere in the heavens someone hated me. I couldn't even get close to the door before I heard Rose yell at the top of her lungs.

"Hey Eddie wide load up there has the hots for you." she shouted.

"Oh God." I heard Edward say stifling a giggle.

I found this story on a fic dive quite awhile ago, hmmm, I'd say it was about two chapters in at the time. At first I was slightly skeptical, I'm not always the biggest fan of an Asshole Edward, turns out he isn't really so bad though.

The ones to watch in this story are Alice, Rosalie and even Angela for a little bit. Kind of shocked the shit out of me to be honest! I love it when people are portrayed on a whole different level in fics and that was part of the draw for me here.

I will warn you right now. This fic has content that may be difficult to deal with for some readers. Please note that it involves eating disorders, extreme taunting/bullying and other issues. I strongly suggest that if these topics are okay with you however that you should read.



  1. I dunno if I'm ok with it but I'll def try to read it... why have I never heard of this?

  2. Because it only has 284 reviews! O_o I know right???


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