September 3, 2010

Review: Chemical Reaction by ladauphine

The Story: Chemical Reaction
The Author: ladauphine
The Rating: M
The Pairing: Bella/Edward
The Status: WIP

The Summary + My Two Cents:

Chemical Reaction has my two favorite -wards wrapped up into one: Geekward and Olderward. Edward is a bio-chemist and his specialty is...wait for it....SEXUAL CHEMISTRY. Um, yeah.

The story starts with seventeen (nearly eighteen, don't worry) year old Bella at a karaoke bar with her older sister Alice.

*Cue Edward's rendition of "American Girl" by Tom Petty.*

Later into the night B & E get a little hot n' steamy in a random office until Alice breaks up the party. The two part ways, thinking that they'll never see each other again.

Next chapter we learn that Charlie Swan is a renowned expert in Sexual Chemistry and a professor at Stanford. He has a new research assistant named...drumroll please...EDWARD CULLEN. It's summertime right now and Bella offers to help Professor Cullen with his research. A summer together with Nerdward in the lab *sigh*....

So basically, I'm in love with this story. I mean, Bella made a LOQUAT CRUMBLE, people. A loquat crumble. If you don't understand the amazingness of a loquat crumble, watch this:

Here's one of my favorite scenes:

After a long while, Alice finally composed herself and joined the conversation. She proceeded to grill Edward for nearly an hour about his studies.

"So, why sexual chemistry?" she asked, nodding at me.

Jesus, Alice make it more obvious.

"Oh! Tell them about your Prize Winning Cock!" Dad said.

I started choking so hard on my lemonade that Edward had to start slapping me on the back. My face turned fifty shades of red, too. It was a excellent look. Ugh. Kill me now.

Edward regaled us with the tale of Harold, a rooster he raised from a small chick as a young farm boy in rural Washington state. Whew, I'm going to have to start fanning myself, I started to think. Hot young farm boy turned into HPOA nerdy-scientist. Oh, lordy.

Prize. Winning. Cock.

If that doesn't get you to go read this fic, I don't know what will lol. Besides the little quirky things I love about this fic, the writing is really good and the plot is actually original! *cheers* The author does the research required to write this story and it shows. It's only 3 chapters in right now, but I think she plans to update every Saturday and she's also posting teasers on her blog every Wednesday! Score!

Seriously pushees, if you're looking for a good story and love Geekward like I do, you will LOVE Chemical Reaction.

Read it here:
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You should go ask Nerward about his prize winning cock *snickers*

As always, make sure to leave ladauphine some review love <3

Have you already read CR? Let me know how much you loved it in the comments!

Until next time pushees!

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  1. She pulled this a while ago to supposedly rework it, but I see her profile is now gone. So bummed. I really, really wanted to read this!


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