September 1, 2010

Review: Parachute by KitsuShel

The Story: Parachute

The Author: KitsuShel

The Rating: M

The Pairing: Bella/Edward

The Status: WIP

The Summary:After finding an abandoned child on the streets of Seattle, Bella Swan raises him for five years as her own. What happens to their life when his biological family is found? AU/AH

What I have to say:
This story owned an entire afternoon of mine. I'll admit that there were moments where I was confused as all hell, but still so much in love with it.

The stand alone fact that a 19 year old Bella found a child in the streets of Seattle and after doing everything possible to find his family decides to raise him as her very own was beautiful.

Bella makes a beautiful mother to Jack, the unassuming child that will melt your heart as well.

"What's up, buddy?" she asked. He shook his head and looked sad.

"My daddy usually baths me with lots of bubbles." Bella felt her heart clench a little. She put her hand on his shoulder and came down to eye level with him.

"When we get back to my house, I'll make sure we have have plenty of bubbles for however long that you're there." He nodded and smiled.

Once the water was ready, Jack stripped down and Bella helped him into the tub. After a good soak and scrub to remove some of the grime off of his body, Bella started to wash his hair. After rinsing out the shampoo, she applied a small amount of conditioner. She giggled as he started to hum softly as she lightly scratched his head, while working in the conditioner. He let out a little sigh.

"My MeMe scratches my head when she baths me, too. It feels nice."

Bella was surprised when he looked up at her with tears in his eyes.

"Am I ever gonna see her or PopPop again?" his voice asked, sounding scratchy. "I miss her. What about my daddy? Bella, I want my daddy!" he started to wail and sob, as tears fell quickly down his cheeks.

That's near the beginning of their time together. Jack quite obviously misses his father and the rest of his family very much. Miss Bella of course does everything in her power to make him feel loved and happy.

She eventually takes on the full responsibilities of motherhood by adopting him and they become a family, a family whos bond grew not through blood, but by adoration and admiration.

Bella thinks everything could be pulled out from under her when she comes across the family of the lost boy five years after she found hi in an alley. She connects the dots and decides to take the trek to their home and let them know in person, rather than by way of phone that she has their flesh and blood. She dreads the idea of her beloved adopted son being taken away from her, and possibly rightly so.

"I can't believe it. The detectives told us that we should move and make peace, but I wouldn't, I couldn't believe that you were gone forever."

Jack smiled softly at his father.

"I'm okay. I've been loved and I'm happy."

Jack looked up at his mother and smiled widely, his entire aura radiating with love and adoration towards her. Edward followed his son's gaze and eyed Bella suspiciously.

"And who are you?" he asked with a slight tone of indignation, which was a complete 180 from how he had looked at her at first.

"She's my mother," Jack answered matter-of-factly.

Edward's eyes flew back and forth from Bella to Jack and then back again, questioningly.

"I don't understand. Your mother's name is Victoria. Is this a form of Stockholm Syndrome?" he threw at Bella.

Esme gasped and Bella's jaw dropped open in shock. She was completely floored that this man would think that she had kidnapped his son, only to show up on his doorstep five years later.

"Excuse me?" Bella asked, incredulously. "How dare you? You know nothing about us!"

Jack shot a confused glance between his father and the woman he considered to be his mother.

This story is a heart clincher, and one that I could not stop reading. Please make sure to take a stop by and read her one of a kind heart touching story. I have a feeling you will not regret it as I did not. Read on to find out what will happen. Will they take Jack away from her? Can they even do that? Or will Jack find a home with both of his loving parents.

xoxoxox *licks*

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