September 5, 2010

Fanfiction Pet Peeves

This is just some pretty that I felt the need to add. TwistedInMasen made that for me and I heart her for it! *licks*

What are YOUR Pet Peeves when it comes to fanfiction?

These are some that I have compiled from twitter, in no particular order of course!

Readers POV Peeves:

  • Reading one chapter in one characters POV, and then reading the next chapter only to find that it is the exact same chapter from another characters POV

  • The line 'ever so softly...'

  • Bella being a bitch for no reason/Misunderstanding and then not communicating.

  • Poorly written fics with a ton of reviews. Theyre misleading.

  • Edwards sudden transformation from manwhore to sainthood after one good lay.

  • When Edward keeps secrets from Bella, thinking that he's "protecting her"

  • Leaving a heartfelt in depth review and getting no response in return. Sometimes readers just want a simple thanks to at least let them know you value their thoughts.

  • Characters saying I Love You every other paragraph/sentence.

  • Constant POV changes within a chapter. It gets confusing.

  • Abandoned stories. They turn people off of reading WIPs

  • Lemons without a plot (AKA poorly disguised porn)

  • Carlisle being an asshole

  • Edward being a manwhore

  • Wrong quotation marks used throughout a story.

Authors POV Peeves:

  • One word or emoticon reviews. They get that its a review and it counts, but an author works hard on these chapters.

  • On the other hand, people who leave lovely reviews but dont sign them. No way to thank them.

  • People who offer to Beta and then dont follow through.

  • Beta'd work that still has mistakes in it.

  • Reviewers that flame, Constructive Criticism is okay.

  • This is good, or This isnt good, and no actual feedback. Feedback truly helps, people.

  • Readers that complain about chapter lengths. If you dont like shorter chapters, dont read it!

General Peeves:

  • Profiles with clutter that doesnt have anything to do with fanfiction on it.

  • Fandom drama

  • People that complain a fic isn't realistic, yet they read books about vampires...

  • Fandom Drama

  • Review Whoring/Withholding without Cause.

  • Fandom Drama

  • Very slow updaters.

  • Fandom Drama (I'm starting to see a trend here)

Thats all I have for now. I might do these regularily! It helps people air their greivances and people can yell at me about it instead of yall!

LilFicPusher OUT!


  1. totally agree with this, pretty funny. personally i find it so annoying when edward talks to bella but uses some pet name, but like 10 times a chapter. if that happened to me in real life, i'd hurt someone :) and reading the author pet peeves, i'll definitely work on leaving better reviews.

  2. My biggest peeve in fan fiction, ever:

    "He rubbed gentle circles on my..."

    Or variations thereof. I know that canon Edward does that, but MIX IT UP, PEOPLE!


  3. Hell yeah, so true! What really bugs me about SOME fan fiction authors is that after they have gained some street cred and a shitload of followers, they have a condescending attitude and don't reply to reviews or tweets anymore. I know it's hard to respond to each and every message, but acknowledging your supporters once in a while is good for everyone.

  4. "People that complain a fic isn't realistic, yet they read books about vampires..." HAHAH.

    here's another one i forgot to mention to y'all: ppl who flame you saying your characters are OCC "bella WOULD NEVER do that" to which i say, it's FANFICTION, BITCH. duh.

  5. A nice list you have here! Short comments are annoying, sometimes I want to know how to improve in my writing and having people say "Great chapter" doesn't help. Fandom drama is drama >_< I totally agree with most of your points, it really annoys me! I wrote a post about my own fiction pet peeves, it includes some additional ones that you may not have talked about but I hope you will read and tell me what you think :)


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