September 21, 2010

REVIEW: The Boy and The Muse

The Boy and The Muse by: RCD-Alice

The Author: RCD-Alice
The Pairing: Bella/Edward
The Genre: Romance
The Rating: T

The Summary:
"Who's your muse, Cullen?" "A girl…" Was all he said. It was all he ever said. "Does she know she's your muse?" "I wish." AH E/B FLUFF!

The Review:
I really loved this story. I know people usually say that when they’ve just read a good story, but this time it means more. I actually fell in love with these characters. They made me laugh, long for first love, and daydream about wanting more.

This story revolves around Edward and Bella. In any normal situation they would automatically be your favorite characters. But…this is one of the best uses of Jacob I’ve read in a long time.

Jake the bartender stood and watched one night. He noted that she never looked at the stage, so she wasn't here for Cullen.

Cullen always announced that his muse had arrived after a large group of people had entered. That was no help. It was almost staged that way.

She sat in her usual seat and sipped her usual drink, looking everywhere. She looked towards the door, she looked towards the bar, and she even looked towards the restrooms.

He, who had already been on the stage and playing for twenty minutes, took a moment, took a sip of water and announced the arrival of his muse. He looked towards the door, he looked towards the bar, and he even looked towards the restrooms.

It was in that moment he saw it. Cullen never looked at her table and Swan never looked at his stage.
The muse and the boy were none other than the difficult twins. The same two people he had been pulling his hair out over for months.

"You should tell him he's the boy."


"I think he would like to know that his muse is here to see him."

"I'm not his muse," she scoffed. "He's never even looked my way."


A chuckle and a joyful "I'll be right back" and Jake the bartender was off to mix a drink for 'The Boy'.

He finished his set on the stage and was instantly surrounded by girls. They always wondered if they were his muse, but they couldn't have been farther from the truth. They would never be his muse.

Everyone can relate to this story. We’ve all had fearful butterflies swarming in our stomachs because we’re afraid of rejection. RCD-Alice captured this first encounter of young love beautifully. For once I’m so glad that this Jacob is attentive and very perceptive. This is a one-shot you will remember. Please don’t forget to review and leave her some love!!

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  1. Thank you. Do you know how much I love you? Its like, alot. Like when you run from like...Canada to like...MEXICO! And then you just cant run anymore, well if you keep on running, thats how much i love you.


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