August 17, 2010

A Wayward Push

*waves* Wayward Girl here! I've escaped from the depths of my banner and button making to push some awesome fics! Check them all out, I think you will enjoy them.

That Pain to Miss by HelenahJay
Carlisle told Edward it was his decision to try and extract the venom from Bella's wrist in the ballet studio. Edward decided not to. E/B, Post-Twilight AU, canon couples.

This story is so beautifully written. I sat down to read it and COULD NOT STOP. Good thing it was complete cause I might've gone a lil loco waiting for an update. This is the author's first go at FF and she did an amazing job. Please go read this, she deserves a ton of attention! It's short and sweet, you'll fly right through it.

Carlie's Eyes by prettykittyartist
Bella finally gets her dream date with Edward Cullen. Edward has been secretly in love with Bella for years. It is one night and it will change their lives forever.

Okay, I've read say...200 fics? By now I can usually figure out the direction a story is taking. NOT THIS ONE. I had it pegged as a certain story but was totally surprised at the direction the author took. It was kind of a breath of fresh air for me. I love every single character (except for Tanya, of course) and I can feel the bond each of them share as I read. Pushees, I'm telling NEED to read this ASAP.

Light Of The Morning by alisXvolatX21
A tragic accident from their past brings them closer together. They needed each other to save the other. Edward Masen is a reclusive senior in high school who puts on a rebel facade. Bella Swan is a "good girl" junior who wants to branch out. AH AU OOC

It's only 10 chapters in, but I'm already liking it! Bella is trying to break out of her shell and Edward just moved in with Aunt Esme due to certain circumstances. He also has a lip ring...nuff said :)

An Education by BellaScotia
21yr old Bella Swan has never been kissed. When her bff and room mate Jasper moves out, player Edward Cullen moves in. How far will he go when Bella asks him to teach her about dating and sex?

Naive Bella is taken to a whole new level in this story. When Renee left with Bella she took them to a freaking commune. Yeah, needless to say that does some damage. This is a sweet story and quite *hem hem* lemony, if I do say so myself :) Oh and it's complete...score!!

Okay peeps, those are my recs, if you go read make sure to leave a lil review...*whispers* and maybe tell them we sent you?

Until next time pushees...

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  1. PrettyKittyArtist Rocks!!! And Carlie's Eyes is a great read!!!!


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