August 20, 2010



The Author: Kimmydonn
The Pairing: Emmett/Rosalie
The Genre: Love/Romance
The Rating: M

The Summary:
Rosalie has been waiting three days for his touch. What happens when she gets more than she expects?

The Review:
Okay, I will be the first one to admit that I usually don't read anything other than Edward/Bella pairings. HELLO!! I was really missing out!! I have never looked specifically for Emmett/Rosalie, but I will be seeking them out from now on. This story really surprised me at every turn and at every corner. The passion and emotion these characters hold will astound you. Ever wonder what it would be like to meet Emmett for the first time? Well, now you can experience it for yourself. Rosalie shares her encounter with Emmett and how he reacts to seeing his "angel".

"Rosalie," Edward interrupted me. I glared at him. "He's awake."

"Emmett?" I asked, clutching his hand more tightly now that I knew it couldn't hurt him. I watched his eyelids flutter and waited for them to open, waited for him to see me with his new eyes.

"Am I in heaven?" he asked. His deep voice boomed. "There was an angel - talking to me." His eyes opened. They were brilliant rubies, pointed straight at me. He'd known I was here the whole time just as I had heard Carlisle and the others while I burned.

"That's her. The one that brought me to my saviour. Is this heaven? I thought it would be brighter."

I smiled brightly. He was confused, but I couldn't blame him. It was night and quite dark in the room as we didn't need light to see.

"I'm not an angel," I tried to explain. "And this isn't heaven. This is still Earth, but it will look new to you." He was already seeing more than he ever had before, hearing more clearly, and the thirst would be burning him.

"Yes," he answered. "Clearer, brighter. I can see every hair on your head." He reached a hand toward me. I smiled, awaiting his touch. I had held his hand, but he couldn't touch me in return. Now he would. One hand became two. They closed on me like a vice, trapping me in his embrace. His lips crashed into mine, pulling them apart, giving his tongue entrance.

For once, you can get a peek into Rosalie's heart and experience what it was like to meet Emmett after he woke up. She pulls at your heart and really makes you understand what her life was like and how she really feels. I laughed, I cried and I loved every minutes of this one-shot. I'm sure you will to. Don't take my word for it go read it for yourself. Remember to review and let the author know where you found their story!!

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