August 17, 2010

REVIEW: Moving Pictures

The Story: Moving Pictures

The Author: Breakfastatbella’s

The Pairing: Edward / Bella

The Rating: M

The Status: WIP

Beautiful Bella's life is dedicated to caring for others. By chance she meets sexy Edward Cullen, a successful documentary filmmaker. The passion is immediate, but the repercussions are far more permanent.

I literally wait around every Sunday for this fic to update. In Moving Pictures, we meet a selfless Bella who moved back to Forks in order to care for Charlie, who is dying of cancer. While she isn’t alone in caring for him, she is isolated and trying to cope with the stress and complications of the life she now has. This Bella is strong, opinionated and secure in her life, but she comes across as a little lost at times. I suppose that is to be expected with where she is in life, dealing with a dying father and being relatively new in town. She has wonderful supporting characters to help her but she is definitely at a turning point.

Along comes Edward. *SIGH* what do you say about this Edward? He’s not the jerk, he’s not the pushover… He’s the Edward we all love, but a more realistic version instead of the fantasized one we sometimes conjure up. Edward is a filmmaker who is passionate about his family and friends and is honest and caring. He doesn’t hide his feelings or give Bella the run-around. In fact, he’s incredibly loving and supportive from the very beginning of their relationship.

I think the reason I like this story so much is that these are realistic characters who have real adult reactions to situations. The interactions between the characters are real and not forced, the issues are all true to life. The angst isn’t forced or contrived. This is a couple who care deeply for each other but have some obstacles to overcome.

Also – have I mentioned the lemony goodness? These girls can write them!

"Waiting for him, I quivered with anticipation. I felt my orgasm oh so close. He pushed my waist gently, slowly toward the sink, gripping my trembling hip with his very able hand. He pushed into me with the sweetest, slowest movement, and we both gasped at the intimacy of it all. And, again, we locked lustful eyes in the mirror.

"God, Bella…fuck…so warm…so fucking warm."

I reared my head back with pleasure as he grabbed my other hip and picked up his perfect pace. Watching his eyes in the mirror, feeling him thrust and fill me from behind sealed my fate.

"Just let go..." He continued his beautiful torture through my rise and fall. He knew this was exactly what my body and soul needed. I let go and rode out the wave of my release as I came around him, a release that washed away the heavy weight from my heart.” – Chapter 4

All hot and wonderful lemons aside, these two don’t hold back. So while they are wading through crazy obsessed co-workers, exes who don’t understand when they aren’t wanted anymore, surprise announcements and extended time apart; they are finding their way as a couple who care deeply for each other and aren’t going down without a fight.

"Please don't leave me Bella."

"Edward… I won't…" I said as I tried to look at him, but I could not see his face. It was buried into my neck as he continued kissing me there. I turned around to face him, pushing my body against him as close as I could, wanting him to feel my desire to stay with him. I held his face in my hands and looked him in the eyes.

"We'll figure this out…together…" I kissed him as I moved backward on the bed, pulling at him to follow suit. I pushed him back gently, helping him to remove his clothes” – Chapter 14

SO – go start reading this now if you aren’t already. It is currently only 14 chapters in, but they update weekly on Sunday (occasionally bi-weekly) with teasers and music links and of course some wonderful recipes. You don’t want to miss out on this fic!

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Reviewed by Jarkin33 / @jaimearkin


  1. This sounds right up my alley. Thanks for all the wonderful recs.

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  3. I've been trying to decide if I should start reading this now or wait until it's complete, and now you've decided for me. Starting tonight!


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