August 4, 2010

CHARACTER INTERVIEW: Teddy & Piglet by SnowWhiteHeart

So…have you ever had any burning questions about Teddy and Piglet from Falling for the First Time by SnowWhiteHeart? I interviewed them. It was counterproductive as hell and pretty much perfect! Show the love!!!

TheLilFicPusher: So, Teddy. We'll start with the question that every girl wants to know. What’s it like being a WoW playing vampire with a human for a girlfriend?

Teddy: Everyone wants to know that? I thought it was the kind of problem only I have...
It's great! XD
I love my girlfriend, and she has totally rocked my world.
I was pretty much living on my computer before her. Now I actually go out, make friends, and I get to have sex now, haha.
Please, Esme, don't be reading this, haha!

Did you ever think you would find love in your computer?
Teddy: A lot of people do, right?

TLFP: Do they?

Teddy: There was a stigma to that sort of thing until this decade or so.
But honestly, I just didn't mesh with people. I wasn't confident enough to talk to them, and really show who I was.
The anonymity of the internet definitely made my relationship with Bella possible.
Even if she didn't move to Forks, I think I would have expressed my feelings at some point.
I mean, what was the worst that could happen? She'd reject me, and I'd just change my screen name.
Some risks are worth taking. XD

TLFP: They really are. How nervous were you when she first moved into your neck of the woods? On a scale of 1-10

Teddy: Eleven. I felt like my world was going to end.
She was one of the only good things in my life, and I seemed to ruin everything up until then.

TLFP: Awwww
I bet you weren’t expecting a Bella with Cat Ears now were ya?

Teddy: Haha, actually, I wasn't surprised at that. I had gotten to know her quirky personality online. What I didn't expect was that she'd be such a knockout. I am sure I would have loved her, regardless, but yeah it helps that she's a stone cold fox.

TLFP: Stone. Cold. Fox.
I think I just fell in love with you Teddy!

Teddy: Yup.
Thanks, but clearly I am taken.
Bella's behind me, frowning at the screen.

TLFP: Clearly you are.
Oh sorry. Hey there Bella.

Teddy: XD She's cool with it, she knows I have lots of adoring lady fans.

TLFP: Can I ask your stone cold fox a quick question?

Teddy: Absolutely.

TLFP: Bella...inquiring minds want to know. How big is he...really?

Teddy: uhmmmmmm personal questions much hahaha. lets just say you would need five dollars at subway


Teddy: You're getting my GF all worked up! Interviews are awesome.

TLFP: Okay...back to you, Teddy...
Worked up in the good sense I hope.

Teddy: She's totally molesting me right now!

TLFP: You've turned into quite the dirty little couple haven’t you?

We are all sexual creatures, right? It just took Bella to bring that out in me.
Plus, she's a drama kid.

TLFP: Drama kids are dirty. This is a fact.

Teddy: Luckily she never acted on it.

TLFP: Lucky for you.
What part is she molesting now?

Teddy: Haha, not so lucky for Jean Valjean.
What do you think?!

TLFP: And what kind of underwear are you wearing??

Teddy: Five....five dollar...
I wear black boxer-briefs.
It makes me feel like the badass vampire I am.

TLFP: Badass indeed.
You aren’t wearing them now...are you?

Teddy: Yes. No more Super Mario tighty whiteys w/ mushrooms on them.
I am.
I'm trying to keep her at bay until we are done with our conversation.

TLFP: Oh...well then.

Teddy: Can't let my hormones get in the way of a good PR opportunity.

TLFP: What was your favorite thing about Japan...aside from the super sex at like the greatest heights ever?

Teddy: The variety of things you can get out of a vending machine.
The place is so damn convenient and high tech.
If they only had my blood juiceboxes, I'd live there.
Maybe Piglet and I will relocate someday.

TLFP: Ya know...It doesn’t seem like a far off idea for Japan.

Teddy: True.

TLFP: Do you two still play alot of WoW?

Teddy: Yes, we do! We wanted to keep our online friends, and keep the part of the relationship that brought us together. Plus, we're totally warcrack junkies. Getting off the stuff would be too hard.
It's important for couples to have things in common that they do, with or without each other.

TLFP: At least you didn’t lose yourself...

Teddy: True! I know a lot of guys who don't work just so they can play.
And while their gear is top-notch, I'm sure their real life gear is slightly lacking...
To each his own, I guess.

TLFP: I have no idea what you mean...
I just got it.
So not a gamer...

Teddy: They have no jobs, so therefore no gear.

TLFP: obviously.
Tell me one thing you’d want on a deserted Island?
Other than Bella

Teddy: So sorry, I'll take the leet down a notch. XD
OH ok.

TLFP: No piglet

Teddy: I'd bring an arcade system modded with lots of MIME so that I could play any game from any platform.

TLFP: no keep the leet in there. Its fun trying to decipher it

Teddy: Ok.
I just did.
Aside from the arcade, I'd bring a collection of comics.

TLFP: Yep none of that made sense, so it must be something awesome.

Teddy: Maybe some large-busted figurines for when I get lonely.
And I'm sure there would be enough marine and island life to sustain me.

TLFP: What would you DO when you got lonely? :O

Teddy: So yeah, arcade + comics + figurines.
I'd clean the island. /cough

TLFP: Clean. The. Island...
That is the best metaphor I have ever heard for wanking.
Just sayin'

Teddy: Thank you.
I'm sure there would be plenty of stray coconuts for me to pick up.

TLFP: I’m sure there would be.
Hey Piglet! Still there?

Piglet: ya

TLFP: how do you feel about Teddys legions of female fans?

Piglet: im flattered and im cool with it bc teddy and i have such a good thing

TLFP: Not even a little jealous?

Piglet: and im just glad theres no paparazzi to ruin it like for brangelina
they all love what i love so i guess a little jealous but not that bad

TLFP: Yes this is true.

Piglet: i mean nobody has propositioned him on twitter yet
he's not as flirty as other rp characters but hes friendly you know

TLFP: Well good to hear. What would you take on a deserted Teddy.

Piglet: The Hatch.


Piglet: um, the complete buffy collection
my 5 lost themed vibrators

Sorry. Brain blanked.

Piglet: ok so buffy collection, some playing cards to make up games, and the vibrators
thats it
thats fine i blank a lot too

TLFP: I’m glad the two of you are so keen on keeping this mythical island clean.

Piglet: cleanliness is godliness

TLFP: SP. I like it.
Okay give me back to the boy now.

Piglet: ok

TLFP: Go molest him a little
I like to see him squirm.

Teddy: Hi.
Thank you for that prompt!

TLFP: I mean...

Teddy: Gyah!

TLFP: Yep just like that.
I bet you aren’t wearing them boxer briefs now!

Teddy: I am! I have some restraint, lady!

TLFP: Sorry to offend you sir!

Teddy: No offense, I'm just defending myself against this onslaught of lust from my gal!

TLFP: Lust you say?
Well you two pervy kids might want to get on with it. Anything you’d like to add?
The floor is yours

Teddy: Thanks, I can't keep her off me much longer!
I'd just like to say thank you for interviewing me! I felt like Batman.

TLFP: Batman is not as cool as Teddy. Just sayin!

Teddy: WOW, thank you!
Make sure you follow me on Twitter! @teddycullen1337

TLFP: Go get your freak on with piglet. Ill be sure to ask you all about it next time.
Thank you Teddy and Piglet!

Teddy: Excellent, thank you and have a great day!

TLFP: Alright so, 3 rapid fire questions coming at ay!
First fanfic you ever read?

snowwhiteheart: Seducing Ms. Swan was the first multichapter one. I forget the wedding O/S.

TLFP: Top 5 fanfics?

snowwhiteheart: Canzone, Stranger than Fiction, Osa Bella, Daniel Gale, TNGUS

TLFP: What are you reading right now...if you still read FF at all?

snowwhiteheart: Gynazole's new chap is up on my browser. As for books, Warbreaker by Brendan Sanderson

TLFP: Awesome!
Thank you so much!

snowhiteheart: Thank you!

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