August 3, 2010

REVIEW: We Used to Be a Love Story by GiveUsAKiss413

The Story: We Used to Be a Love Story

The Author: GiveUsAKiss413

The Pairing: Edward/Bella

The Rating: M

The Status: Complete

The Summary:
500 word chapters, out of sequence. They used to be a love story. Edward/Bella, from childhood to children, they were something special. M for vices. cynicism and losing everything and probably some sex. Angst. Make a story out of this. They were love.

Is there ever a day when all you want to do is read something simple? A story that isn't full of unused words and useless description. A fic without stupid complications... one that is full of meaning and substance.

Straight to the point... meaningful, a fic that sticks with you and leaves you dying for more. A tale where every single chapter means something?

The fandom is full of different stories; it’s a son of a bitch to weed through the bullshit and find something that is simply good. Authors now-a-days fill their chapters with shit just to be able to post and collect reviews. Chapters that lack substance and leave us unfulfilled.

There are stories with eighty to one hundred chapters with no end in sight... they are exhausting to read and tedious to get through, but because they have thousands of reviews that must mean they’re good right?


I was recently rec'd a fic that defies the stupid fucking rule that fics have to have a million chapters long and a million reviews deep to be deemed worthy of our time. A fic with only twenty chapters and fourteen thousands words... a fic that is left unbeta'd on purpose... a fic that has left me "feeling" for a week since I've finished it.

"Unbeta'd on purpose, disjointed because... this could be something, so I hope you get it" -Authors AN

This is a story about discovering love as a child and doing everything and nothing at all to be with that person. It’s about selfishness and loss and gain and just true love knowing no boundaries.

"Whatever your problem is asshole, just come out with it before I fetch you some midol and ask if you want to cuddle." -Bella Chapter 6

This Bella and Edward are anything but typical. They are a team... it’s a bond that I haven't seen in any fic I've read... maybe even written. She is willing to literally kill for him, he want nothing more than to protect her. She's snarky... he's a smartass and it just works.

"I found a way to take care of us..."

"We're in love, we're forever... nothing bad can truly happen to us." -Edward Chapter 10

Throughout the entire fic you are given clues as to what the result of their love story is...

"I can feel it, you're going to die" -Bella Chapter 10

"Baby, no... we're ok. We're us. Nothing bad can happen to us." –Edward Chapter 10

This is an easy read and very easily one of my favorites. The end will leave you speechless, sad, angry and swooning...

'Edward smelled strawberries... they were a love story....'

Reviewed by TeamBella23/@TeamSmella23

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  1. Author here.

    I can not even begin to thank you for this. It's so sweet and meaningful. I truly appreciate this. Thank you!


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